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Quickly charge your iOS device from the sun with Solar Paper

This upcoming accessory allows you to carry a solar phone charger without the bulk.

AppAdvice Goes Hands-On With The iQi Mobile Wireless Charger For iPhone

This is likely the closest we'll ever get to charging our iPhones wirelessly using a seamless, unobtrusive, and native-feeling solution.

Ever Wanted A Light That Would Charge Your iPad?

Have some cash burning a hole in your pocket? Check out the D’E-Light iDevice charger.

CES 2012: Travel With A Powerbag To Keep Your Mobile Office Up And Running

Keep your iPhone and iPad topped off and secure inside a new, stylish Powerbag.

iPhone 5 To Have Standardized USB Port?

Apple enjoys trendsetting, but they also love consistency. A recent agreement with the European Union may mean Apple loses some of that consistency to add standardized USB to the iPhone.

Apple To Eliminate The White Cable?

While Apple is constantly touting how they are "changing everything," one thing has been consistent for nine years: the iPod's 30-pin connector. Based on information from a recent patent filing, it looks like Apple may be planning to change that as well.

Charging The iPhone 4: USB vs. Outlet

We all know that charging your iPhone via a wall outlet is much quicker than plugging it into your laptop to charge via USB - but have you ever wondered how big the difference in charging time is? Read on!

New Windows iPad Drivers To Shorten Charging Times

New PC laptop driver updates may fix those long painful charging hours for your iPad.