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Review: OmniGraffle for iPad

OmniGraffle is a feature packed iPad app that enables you to quickly and beautifully make diagrams, flow charts, layouts, floor plans and whatever else you can think of. Most will find the $49.99 price too high, but those that will use it the way it is intended (especially business users, professionals and OmniGraffle for Mac OS users) will be pleased and find it worth the cost.

Chart: How Much For An Unlocked iPhone 4 Around The Globe?

How much does the new unlocked iPhone 4 go for around the globe right now? Find out after the break.

Incredible Chart Shows How Everything in Your Life Leads Back to iPhone

A fantastic new chart by Ben Millen shows exactly how everything in your life is connected to the iPhone. Read on to check out the chart and see how accurate it is!