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Keep track of your loved ones, young or elderly, with Orbi

When it launches in the spring of 2016, this device will help you keep tabs on your beloved children and elderly.

The iPhone can be a parent's best friend with these apps

Parenting can be just a tad bit easier with the help of these iPhone apps.

Get the kids excited for Christmas with the best iOS apps for children

Have a Merry Christmas with these kid-friendly apps.

Little Builders: A Fun, Interactive iOS Game For Kids

Looking for a new iOS game that your kid can enjoy? Check out Little Builders.

This Little Girl Wants Her iPad Or Else

This 2-year-old isn't happy when her iPad is taken away.

These Fun Apps Will Get The Kids Excited For Christmas

Have a Merry Christmas with these kid-friendly apps.

Your Child Will Have A Blast Learning Shapes In Shape The Village

Your child can learn basic shapes like circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles by shaping this virtual village.

Keep Your Kids Entertained With These iPhone Apps

Find the best apps to keep your kids busy.

These Apps Will Turn Your iPhone Into A Parenting Tool

The iPhone can be a parent's best friend.

Inspire Your Child's Imagination With These Amazing iPad Books

Bring story time into the 21st century with these amazing children's book apps for your iPad.

Keep Your Child Entertained From Morning To Night

There are many apps out there that are geared towards children. Here are the best apps that will not only entertain them, but also educate them!

Get Your Children Into The Holiday Spirit With These Adorable Christmas Apps

Spread the holiday cheer with these great Christmas apps made for kids!

Apps To Keep Your Kids Entertained And Out Of Your Email

Ever wonder how you can settle your kids down on a long car ride or in the grocery store?

Turn Your iPhone Into A Parenting Tool With Our Updated AppList

Parenting takes a lot of work and organization. Why not let your iPhone help you be efficient so that you can spend less time stressing out and more time enjoying your children?

New iPad App Features Lite Versions Of Six Incredible Children's Games

After downloading this free taster app, you'll probably want to buy some of the full games. Luckily, they are on sale this week, and 35 lucky readers will get a game for free.

Christmas E-Books For Children

Books used to be something that children read. Now, with iPhones and iPads, kids don’t simply read their books, they engage with them. With animation, narration, music, and activities, E-books have become a wondrous medium for many young readers. They are also a powerful tool for sharing the wonder of Christmas. This AppList spotlights some great holiday book apps with which to fill your digital shelves.

New Applist : Christmas Apps For Kids

Christmas is a joyous time, especially for children. One way to bring a smile to your child's face this holiday season is through the gift of apps. There are a lot to choose from, however. From books to games to activities, it can be difficult to identify the apps best suited for your child. This AppList seeks to help.

Unwrap A New Gift Every Day With An Interactive Advent Calendar

Interactive Advent Calendar is a fun intuitive app for children. It allows them to enjoy Advent and open a new gift every day until Christmas. The app is also full of animation and sound effects for young children to enjoy.

Have Your Little Ones Learn As They Play In Bubbee Lite

Bubbee Lite is intended to be a game, which assists the learning of young children, ostensibly improving recognition of colors, logical order and concentration.

Teach Your Child Animal Sounds With iLearn - Animals - Plus, Win A Copy!

Looking for an educational app for your toddler? iLearn - Animals teaches your child to match animals with the sounds they make.

Let Your Kids Learn Languages With Mr Mouse

The spelling game for kids all around the world. Great tool to teach kids another language and it's perfect for bilingual children.

Faerie Solitaire Mobile HD Gives Solitaire A New Twist

Relax and unwind while you save the faeries in this solitaire game. Earn upgrades as you go through the many levels and fill up your energy bar.

Firehouse Adventure Mixes Fun And Learning Well

Got a preschooler that can't get enough of fire engines? This app lets them virtually accomplish everyday firefighter duties.