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Look on the bright side as you reach the end of Icycle: On Thin Ice

Icycle: On Thin Ice has just received its very first, and apparently also its very last, content update.

Chillingo’s Micro Machines will race onto the scene soon

An action-packed, multiplayer, racing adventure is headed to the App Store this year.

Get ready for Mega Drift, a car-drifting racer that's launching on iOS next week

Mega Drift is set to power slide onto the App Store next week, on April 16.

Chillingo unleashes 'Clash of Clans with pirates' game Raids of Glory for iOS

Originally called Gang of Pirates, Raids of Glory may be best described as “Clash of Clans with pirates.”

Chillingo releases cute and colorful balloon-popping match-three puzzler Hero Pop

In Hero Pop, your so-called cloud friends, as the popular song goes, need a hero.

Chillingo's chilly platforming adventure Icycle: On Thin Ice is Apple's free App of the Week

Icycle is a puzzling platformer that has you helping a dazed and confused character survive a “post-apocalyptic frozen wonderland.”

Check out what games Electronic Arts' Chillingo has in store for early next year

Chillingo has a number of notable games in its pipeline for next year.

Turn your basketball knowledge to slam dunks in Chillingo's The Official NBA Quiz for iOS

The Official NBA Quiz dares you to take to the court and test your basketball knowledge.

Chillingo lets you embark on a Rescue Quest in its new match-three puzzle adventure game

Rescue Quest has you guiding two wizard apprentices named Boom and Zap on their epic quest across the realm of Turnspell.

Best new games of the week: Reckless Racing 3 and Find The Line

Get ready for some messy racing action and see the bigger picture with our top game picks for the week!

Watch pictures come to life with a swipe in Find The Line, a unique puzzle game

This beautiful puzzle game is unlike anything you've played before.

Chillingo takes on Supercell's Clash of Clans with Tiny Troopers: Alliance

The latest title in Chillingo's Tiny Troopers franchise is here in the form of Tiny Troopers: Alliance.

Chillingo unleashes 11 Bit Studios' Anomaly Defenders tower defense game for iOS

Chillingo has just released the final installment in 11 Bit Studios' acclaimed Anomaly series of strategy games.

Feeling undead? Take the plunge and make a splash in Chillingo's Zombie High Dive

Chillingo is inviting you to perform a series of high dives in its latest iOS release.

Chillingo's candy conspiracy conundrum concludes in Another Case Solved

Chillingo has just issued another major update to Another Case Solved.

Arrr! Chillingo teams up with Nitro Games for Gang of Pirates combat strategy game

Gang of Pirates lets you engage in battles with your very own army of scallywags, scoundrels, seadogs, and other swashbucklers.

Check Your Rear View Mirror: Chillingo Uncovers Huge 2.0 Update For Parking Mania

Chillingo has just issued a huge update to Parking Mania, the popular park-em-up developed by Mobirate.

Prove Your Intellect In Chillingo's Are You A Dodo? For iOS

Are You A Dodo? Or are you more of a sea cucumber? It's time to find out!

Satisfy Your Appetite For Match-3 Puzzle Gaming With Order Up!! Fast Food

Order up! The latest title in the Order Up!! series of food-themed games has just been served.

Finger-Flickin' Good: Chillingo To Serve Order Up!! Fast Food In The App Store This Week

The newest title in the popular Order Up!! series of puzzle games for iOS is set for release later this week.

Chillingo Challenges You To Go Beyond The Depths In Scuba Diver Adventures

Scuba Diver Adventures challenges you to embark on an aquatic adventure as you explore the ocean depths.

Run And Gun As Canabalt Meets Super Crate Box In Chillingo's Bill Killem

What do you get if you cross Canabalt with Super Crate Box? You get something like Bill Killem.

Turn A Tiny City Into The City Of Your Dreams In Chillingo's Newest iOS Release

Chillingo has just come out with another city-building simulation game in the form of Tiny City.