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chillingo ltd

Don't lose your head as you plunge to be the best in Zombie High Dive

If you love zombies and the thrill of high diving, then this physics-based game is the perfect combination.

Are You A Dodo? Tests Your Intellect Game Show-Style

How far can you evolve in Are You A Dodo?

Order Up!! Fast Food Will Have You Coming Back For Seconds

Order Up!! Fast Food is a fast-paced puzzle game that is as delicious as it is fun.

It's Time To Crack Down On The Case Of The Outlawed Sweets In Another Case Solved

Solve the case and get your sweet tooth back with Chillingo's new detective match-three puzzle game.

Embrace Your Fears In Chillingo's Latest Psychological Thriller, In Fear I Trust

If you're in the mood for a psychological thriller, then you're in for a treat with In Fear I Trust.

Slip And Slide Your Way Through The Challenging Puzzles In Feed Me Oil 2

The sequel to the popular Feed Me Oil has slid into the App Store, and it's quite a delight.

Anomaly 2 Is A Console Quality Tower Defense Game For Your iPhone

Anomaly 2 is a stunning tower defense game with graphics that rival Infinity Blade III, along with many layers of depth.

Take Your Scaring Skills To The Next Level In Fright Heights

If you love Halloween and puzzle games, you'll need to check out this fun game from Chillingo.

Protect Your World War II Bunker In Hills Of Glory 3D

This 3-D RTS game will bring you back to World War II in Germany.

Navigate And Shoot Your Way Through The Underwater Void In Abyss Attack

Abyss Attack combines bullet hell shmup and endless runner gameplay into one fun and challenging game.

Drive And Shoot To Survive In Dead Ahead

Shooting zombies is always a way to get rid of them, but you can also run them down with your scooter in Dead Ahead.

Get Rewarded For Chaos As A Madmonster

Forget being the good guy, it's time to wreak some havoc in the city in Madmonster!

It's Time To Lead Your Tiny Troopers To Victory

Take a breather this weekend by, you know, laying waste to your foes in this fun, action-packed squad shooter game from Chillingo.

It's Time To Rock Out On Your iDevice With Rock Runners

Who knew that collecting some rocks could be so fun?

It's Time To Be Together For Valentine's Day With This Cute Puzzler

Puzzle fans and lovers of cute things will not want to miss the latest title from Chillingo.

Fling The Swing King Around To Save The Day

The latest from Chillingo is a visually charming new physics-based puzzler that will keep you coming back for more.

How Far Can You Drive On This Collapsing, Endless Road?

Endless runner game fans should find this new isometric racer from Chillingo to be quite a treat.

Get Ready For Mayhem As You Storm The Train

Helicopters, trains, explosions — this game has it all. Prepare for one adrenaline-filled adventure with the latest from Chillingo.

It's Your Time To Strike In iBomber Attack

Did you miss the destructive fun of iBomber? Well, it's back, and better than ever.

Get Ready To Think On Your Feet In Snail Bob

This game may feature a snail, but it's far from being slow-paced.

Monkey Business, Breakout Found In Monkey Slam

This game adds some monkey business to your standard Breakout game.

Don't Let This Cute Creature Be The Next Test Subject In Critter Escape

This innocent little guy has been captured and will become the next experimental test subject unless you help him break free in Chillingo's new stealth game.

Puzzle Craft Combines Simulation With Match-Three To Create One Addictive Game

Are you a fan of sim and puzzle games? Then make sure to check out Chillingo's new title, which will make putting your iDevice down quite a difficult feat.

Chimpact Makes It Okay To Monkey Around On Your iDevice

Help this cute little chimp find his way back home in the latest title from Chillingo.