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Apple's iPhone 6 launch in China reportedly delayed by regulatory setbacks

Apple won't be able to release the iPhone 6 and the iPhone Plus in China on the devices' initial launch day.

China's 3G Market Is Continuing To Boom, Apple Expected To Benefit In 2014

China's smartphone market is continuing to increase, and Apple is set to benefit from this in 2014.

China Mobile's iPhone Preorders Aren't As High As You'd Expect

It looks like preorders for the iPhone with China Mobile aren't as high as we'd all expected.

China's Shrinking Smartphone Market Could Prove Difficult For Apple's iPhone

China's smartphone market could be cooling, and if so, this doesn't bode so well for iPhone sales.

Ahead Of China Mobile Deal, Apple Grabs A Bigger Share Of China's Smartphone Market

Apple's iPhones are already selling incredibly well in China.

China Mobile Pre-Registration Page Suggests iPhone Launch Could Be Imminent

Could Apple's new iPhones launch with China Mobile on Dec. 18?

First iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c Unboxing Photos And Videos Hit The Web

It's time to take our first look inside the packaging for Apple's iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

China Unicom iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c Reservations Pass 100,000 Handsets

Preorders for Apple's iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c have recently passed 100,000 units with China Unicom.

China Officially Licenses The iPhone With China Mobile's Wireless Standard

Apple's iPhone has gained regulatory approval in China with China Mobile's wireless standard.

China Telecom To Launch iPhone 5 This December?

China Telecom could get Apple's iPhone 5 in December, or even earlier.

iPhone 5 Could Launch With Support For World's Biggest Mobile Market

Apple's upcoming iPhone could be the world's first truly global cellular handset.

China Telecom Takes 200,000 Pre-Orders, Launches Apple's iPhone 4S Handset

China Telecom officially launched the iPhone 4S on Friday, having taken a massive 200,000 pre-orders for the long-awaited handset.

Forbes Says Lawsuit-Bolstered iPhone Must Lower Price To Compete In China

Does Apple really need to lower its prices in China? Not based on this argument.

Apple Builds Modified iPhone To Run On China Telecom's Network

A new report from The Wall Street Journal suggests that Apple might have built a modified iPhone that is compatible with China Telecom’s network.

China Unicom To Offer Free iPhone 4S Handset With Contract

Though it was only recently announced that the iPhone 4S will launch in China on January 13, China Unicom has already decided how its going to sell Apple’s fifth generation handset.

Apple To Launch iPhone 4S In China And 21 Other Countries On January 13

In a press release that recently hit the Web, Apple has announced that it plans to launch the iPhone 4S in China and 21 other countries this January 13.

Number Of iPhone Customers Could Soon Jump By 106 Million

China Telecom Corp Ltd will soon be offering its 106 million subscribers access to the iPhone for the first time, according to news first reported exclusively by Reuters. The news, which comes just weeks after Apple COO Tim Cook’s recent visit to China, means that two of the country’s three carriers will now offer the popular handset.

China Mobile iPhone Coming Soon?

China Mobile recently stated that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is interested in developing an iPhone that could run on the carrier’s network. If Apple supported China Mobile's upcoming network (based on the carrier's TD standard), iPhone sales in China would increase massively.

China Set To Get iPhone 4 September 25

China is scheduled to get the iPhone 4 next Saturday, following a statement released by Apple yesterday. Buying the handset alone isn't going to be cheap, but a two-year China Unicom contract is set to accompany the iPhone, making it more affordable (in the short term). Read on to find out more...

Five Latin American Countries And China Get iPad Tomorrow!

Five Latin American countries as well as China are set to get the iPad tomorrow, following an announcement by Apple earlier today. The lucky countries are: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Additionally, we've also heard that China Unicom is now accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 4. Read on to find out more...

China Unicom Will Jailbreak Your New iPhone 4?

China Unicom plans to hand out AntennaGate busting cases with every iPhone 4. But, does it also plan to offer a jailbreaking service? Read on to find out!

China Unicom: Free Cases For All, Just Don't Mention AntennaGate

Chinese iPhone carrier, Chine Unicom, plans to hand out free cases when the phone launches in September. Read on to find out more...