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New AppList: Apps For Learning Chinese

This AppList examines the apps you need to learn Chinese.

Smugglers Using Empty Beer Bottles To Get iPhones Into China

Sick of smuggling iPhones where the sun don't shine? Try using a beer bottle instead!

Could Siri Gain Support For Chinese, Japanese And Russian Next Month?

Apple's 'humble personal assistant" - Siri - is great, but currently she (or "he," if you live here in the UK) only supports a handful of languages: English (British, American and Australian variants), French and German. However, a new report claims that Apple is preparing to launch support for three additional languages - Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese and Russian - as early as next month.

QuickAdvice: Kung Fu Panda 2 Interactive Cookbook

Here you'll find a fun and easy recipe book that will have kids clamoring to cook. Any fan of Kung Fu Panda will enjoy cooking the characters’ favorite dishes.