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Today’s apps gone free: Tangent, Paint Hack, Chomp and more

Today’s AGF list includes a photography app, an art creation app, and an entertainment app.

No More App Chomping With Chomp: Apple Discontinues Support For Acquired App Search Engine

Chomp has lost its bite, or more accurately, its ability to operate.

Chomp On This: iOS 6 App Store Updated With Chomp-Like Interface

Apple has just pushed a substantial update to the revamped App Store app on iOS 6. The update, which is made effective by Apple’s server side and doesn’t require a new iOS 6 beta, brings a couple of notable changes.

What Is Apple Doing To The App Store?

Recent moves by Apple suggest App Store search rankings are changing, which is big news for developers.

Apple's Chomp-Powered Search Tweaks Are Seemingly Underway

App Store search results are starting to get smarter. In some ways, at least.

Apple Acquires Chomp, The App Search Engine

How does Apple make the App Store even better? They buy this algorithm-based app search engine!

Chomp Receives A Remodeling, Including A New App Search Engine, and the Chomp iPhone app, are now better than ever. The new Chomp service goes beyond app reviews and recommendations to becoming a complete app discovery engine.