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Google disables third-party keyboards in Chrome for iOS

If you use third-party keyboards on your iOS device and you use Chrome with any of them, we have some bad news for you.

Google sends out a Chrome iOS beta using Apple's TestFlight

Google has brought 3D Touch to its Chrome iOS app, albeit in beta form.

Finally, you can now swipe to navigate in Chrome for iOS

At long last, Google has updated Chrome for iOS with support for the mobile operating system’s standard swipe-based navigation scheme.

Google updates Chrome and Docs apps for iOS with new features

The latest update to Chrome for iOS most notably introduces a Today widget.

Chrome for iOS updated with iOS 8 optimization, Handoff support for OS X Yosemite and more

The latest version of the popular third-party browser also features Google’s new Material Design.

Controlling your computer from an iOS device has never been easier with Chrome Remote Desktop

Google’s latest app is easy to set up, and best of all completely free.

Google News & Weather launches on the App Store

The search giant's latest app offers a personalized view of headlines stories, local news, and weather.

Google updates Chrome with iOS 8 compatibility including Share extension support

Google has updated Chrome for iOS with support for iOS 8.

Google just made mobile search on an iPhone better

Google now indicates to searchers when websites require browser technologies that are not supported on their device.

Under iOS 8, All Third-Party Web Browsers Can Be As Fast As Safari

Apple is making third-party Web browsers more powerful with iOS 8.

Google Updates Chrome For iOS With More Omnibox And Search Enhancements

Google has just issued another notable update to the iOS edition of its popular Web browser, Chrome.

AppAdvice International: Angela Ahrendts, iTunes Match, iBeacons And More

Angela Ahrendts, iTunes Match, iBeacons, and more feature in this week's edition of AppAdvice International.

Chrome For iOS Adds Enhanced Omnibox Support For Right-To-Left Languages

Chrome for iOS has received a small but useful update.

Google Chrome Now Lets Users Drag And Drop iTunes Tracks Into Google Play Music

Google has launched an easier way for iTunes users to upload tracks into Google Play Music.

Google Updates Chrome For iOS With Data Compression And Translation Features

Google has just updated Chrome for iOS with data compression and translation features.

Google Confirmed To Be Developing 'Chromoting' Remote Desktop App For iOS

Google is planning on bringing a remote desktop service to iOS.

Google To Update Chrome For iOS Devices With Data Compression

The new version of the popular third-party browser will also offer users the Google Translate feature.

Google Could Bring Chrome Apps To Apple's iOS From Next Month

Chrome apps are iOS-bound, according to a recently discovered GitHub repository.

Google’s Chrome Browser Updated With Autofill Feature And More

A long press on an image will also allow users to search for related images.

Google Says Goodbye To Another One Of Its Products

Google has eliminated iGoogle, as of today, Nov. 1.

Is Your Web Browser Compatible With iWork For iCloud Beta?

Apple's iWork for iCloud is impressive, but not every Web browser is supported.

Use Of Google’s Chrome Browser Continues To Rise On iOS Devices

More than 3 percent of iOS Web traffic now comes from the third-party browser.

Searching In Chrome’s Incognito Mode Isn’t Exactly Secret

Thanks to a so-called loophole in the iOS app, terms searched for in private mode can be accessed through the browser at a later time.

Chrome Update Brings Faster Search Results And More

The new version of the popular third-party browser also features Voice Search pronoun support and the ability to view data savings.