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Class-Action Lawsuit

As iPod antitrust trial against Apple ends, jurors turn their attention to iTunes 7.0

The iPod antitrust trial against Apple is set to be concluded soon as the case has been sent to jurors.

Eligible iDevice Owners Now Receiving Emails For Liquid Damage Suit Payout

Apple has agreed to pay $53 million to legacy iDevice owners whose products were wrongly accused of housing working liquid damage indicators (LDIs).

Apple Facing Class-Action Lawsuit In Canada Over E-Book Pricing

Three lawsuits filed in Canada against Apple, one given the go ahead.

Apple Faces Another Class Action Lawsuit Over Siri's Functionality

Apple may have to pay "relief and damages" in another class action suit.

Google's Safari Exploit Draws Privacy-Based Class Action Lawsuit

As expected, Google's been hit with a class action lawsuit in response to last week's Safari snafu.

Is AT&T Overcharging Or Are Attorneys Doing What They Do Best?

Just a few days ago, we shared a MSNBC story highlighting supposed AT&T overcharging. I asked myself; is AT&T truly overcharging me or is this another example of lawyers once again doing their best to make millions or billions on a baseless class-action lawsuit?

Apple Faces Lawsuit Over In-App Purchases

A lawsuit has been filed against Apple for allowing kids to make in-app purchases without parental permission. The suit, filed by Garen Meguerian of Pennsylvania, blames Apple for "unlawful exploitation of children."