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Do You Have What It Takes To Clear The Grid In Solisqr?

Peg solitaire gets a modern look with this simple game.

Relive The '80s With DONKEY.BAS

Remember the original driving game, where you had to avoid hitting donkeys? Now you can relive those days on your iPhone or iPad.

Atari Releases Breakout: Boost+ With 100 New Levels

Atari releases a new version of Breakout: Boost with 100 brand-new levels and more.

Battle Squadron Gets Two Player Split Screen Action

Battle Squadron ONE 2-player is the iPad version of the iOS version of the classic Sega Genesis game, Battle Squadron. Play split screen arcade action with friends in this fast paced shoot ‘em up game.

The GIZMON iCA Can Make Your iPhone Look Like A Classic, Retro Camera

A new iPhone case called the GIZMON iCA can transform an iPhone handset into a classic, retro camera.

Experience A Classic Revival With MineSweeper Touch

Minesweeper is one of the oldest computer games that's still played today, and SkyPaw brings a polished and updated version to iOS in MineSweeper Touch. Do the new features make it a worthy app?

Marathon, A Mac Classic, Is Coming To iPad

Marathon first appeared on the scene in 1994 as a Mac exclusive, bringing with it several big ideas that would forever redefine the shooter genre. Now, it's headed to the iPad-- for free.

Donald In Magicland Comes To iPhone

Platform your way across stunning hand-drawn levels in Donald in Magicland. The game has just hit the iPhone and it is a 2D-retro platformer.

Old Meets New With Pocket Slide Rule Expert

Before calculators could solve arithmetic problems instantly, people had to use something called a slide rule. Now you can not only have a slide rule in your pocket, you can learn how to use it as well.

AppList Revisited: Board Game Classics

Feeling nostalgic for the board game classics of your youth? Want to share your favorites with a new, tech-jaded generation? Well, whip out these apps on your iPhone or iPod touch for the board game experience in an app. We've updated this AppList so there is sure to be something for every board game fan.

Now On Your iDevice: 64th Street - A Detective Story

The classic game, 64th Street - A Detective Story, is really much less of a detective story and a lot more of a classic fighting game. With simple arcade controls and an infinite supply of enemies, you're sure to enjoy this Super Nintendo title on your iDevice.

QuickAdvice: Movie Vault - An Entire Library of Cult Classics In Your Pocket

If you're a fan of classic cult movies, Movie Vault has plenty of them, all ready to watch on-the-go. Is it worth getting? Read on to find out.

8-Bit Goodness In The App Store

Miss the days of slapping quarters into an oversized electronic coffee table? Sad your mom sold your ColecoVision? Now there is something just for you in the App Store.