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Check Your Rear View Mirror: Chillingo Uncovers Huge 2.0 Update For Parking Mania

Chillingo has just issued a huge update to Parking Mania, the popular park-em-up developed by Mobirate.

The Worms Are Ready For Payback in Worm Vs Birds

Chillingo has come out with a fresh, fantastic slingshot game.

Restore And Run Your Own Hotel In Dream Inn: Driftwood

Dream Inn: Driftwood is a hidden object game with less than impressive graphics and a hotel management plot line.

Word Game Fans Get Their Own Bubble In Paradise

Who doesn't love word games? Make sure to check out the latest offering from Clickgamer, which will have you in word paradise.

New 1001 Ultimate Mahjong, A Puzzle Lover's Paradise

A great app for puzzle enthusiasts and at a great price! Even if you are unfamiliar with Mahjong check out this app, 1001 ultimate puzzles await!

Outrun The Giant Snowball And Avoid Obstacles In Snowball Run

Snowball Run is a fast-paced game in which you must outrun an enormous snowball trying to take your yeti life.

Torture Bunny Is Not On PETA’s Hit List

Torture Bunny is a horrible and hilarious app that makes you feel bad for how fun it is to stab, blow up and dismember your bunny prisoner. Don’t feel too bad, though. You can always change the terrified bunny’s face to look like your irritating boss instead.

Web-Slinging Meets Rope Cutting in Spider Jack HD

If you are a fan of Cut the Rope style puzzlers, you are going to love Spider Jack. And if you’re not, this action-puzzler may be just the hybrid of genres to change your mind.

Angry Birds Update Continues The Wild West Action In Over A Dozen New Levels.

Rovio Mobile comes through with another update to Angry Birds and Angry Birds HD. Today's release adds new content that Rovio is describing as "all crazier than popcorn on a hot stove."

Review: Agents! - Unfriendly Forensic Competition

As a top-secret spy, you're job isn't to just find the evidence. You have to secure it before other agents do and have an bag of clever tricks just for that purpose. Read on to find out more.