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gMusic - A New, Native Google Music Client For iPhone

Google's Music Beta service, which allows users to upload tracks to the cloud and stream them on a desktop computer or mobile device, can only be accessed by iOS users via a Web app. While Google hasn't released an official iOS app yet, gMusic - a recently released iPhone app - allows users to access the service from within a native application.

Joe White

NPD Figures State Huge Demand For iTunes Cloud

A recent poll by NPD states that 25% of current iTunes users would be interested in a cloud-based service for the application. And what's more, a prospective 7-8 million users would be happy to pay (in the US alone). Read on to find out why iTunes cloud could be Steve's next gold mine.

Joe White

Hidden Gems: Keeping It All Synced

Evernote's launch time is drastically increased on the iPhone 3GS, finally making it good enough to kill off Apple's native notes app. Now you can sync your contacts, calendars, texts and notes more using apps and services. That and more in this week's hidden gems.