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The Quirky Game Negative Nimbus Adds A Frosty New Level And Other Goodies

Along with a holiday-themed level, there are now more hats, comics, and achievements to track down.

AppAdvice Game Of The Week For October 26, 2012

Have some fun this weekend as you explore new heights with a familiar face and get a cheery forecast with our top game picks for the week.

The Forecast Calls For A Chance Of Fun With Clouds And Rain In Negative Nimbus

Looking for a completely original and charming game to spend some time on this week? Negative Nimbus is what you want.

Casual Gaming Is About To Get Cloudy With A Chance Of Rain With Negative Nimbus

It appears that the future of gaming also resides in the cloud, if the emergence of a couple of new iOS games is anything to go by.