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Starbucks serves up another deal, this time with Lyft perks

This new partnership could mean free drinks for hiring a ride somewhere.

The New York Times and Starbucks are giving away more perks

A new partnership will bring coffee and news together like never before.

Coffitivity Brings Coffee Shop Sounds To Your iDevice

Coffitivity is a new iOS application that coffee shop frequenters will appreciate.

Dissatisfied Smart Cover Owner Gets Clever With A D.I.Y. Modification

Just when you thought coffee couldn't get any better, it does.

AppList Updated: Apps For Coffee Lovers

You're a connoisseur, you buy the best, you brew the best, you even think about coffee when you're not drinking it.

iWake With AppAdvice For Thursday Now Available

Good morning! Today's iWake is now available. Video recording glasses that stream to iOS, an iOS controlled coffee maker, and a crazy cool dock. Have a listen ...

Affogato Is Your Complete Guide To The World Of Coffee, Right On Your iPhone

Can't get enough coffee? Yeah, neither can I. If you have ever wanted to know more about the world of coffee, then this app is a handy reference tool.

Starbucks Now Giving Away Free iBooks With Coffee, TV Shows To Follow?

Starbucks is now offering customers free iBook downloads as part of its "pick of the week" program.

AppList Updated: Apps For Coffee Lovers

Starbucks had a change of heart, so we updated this AppList to reflect the change!

New AppList: Apps For Coffee Lovers

You love coffee. You're a connoisseur, you buy the best, you brew the best. If this sounds familiar, then this is the AppList for you.

Spro Is A Great iPhone Guide For Coffee Nerds And Newbies Alike

Are you a coffee nerd or someone that is beginning to enter the world of espresso-based drinks? Then Spro could be for you! It's a stylish guide about a variety of espresso-based drinks and even provides step-by-step diagrams and directions to prepare your own. Interested? Read on to find out more!