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Make sure your iPad is ready for college with these essential student apps

Be prepared for this college semester with these must-have apps for your iPad.

Will Grade Tracker 2.0 be your iPhone solution for managing school?

This absolutely free grade tracking app covers all the basics, but is that good enough?

Be prepared for college with these iPhone apps for students

Be sure your iPhone is college ready with these apps.

Grades Offers iDevice Users An A+ Experience In Its Biggest Update Yet

Grades 3 can help you keep track of coursework, exams, and results this semester.

Be Sure Your iPad Is College Ready With These Apps

Be sure to have your iPad equipped with these apps for college.

Make Your iPhone College Ready With These Apps

Get your iPhone ready for this upcoming semester.

It's About Time More Colleges Made It To The App Store

Everything is going digital, and now more colleges are striving to keep up with the App Store, too.

Students Equipped With An iPad Score Higher Than Peers In Tests

A university study investigating exactly how helpful iPads are in an academic environment has recently shared its findings.

Apple Launches New Webpages: Why An iOS Device Is Great For College

Apple has added three new webpages to the “Students” section of its website, outlining how a Mac, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad can help college students in their studies.

Kno Textbooks App Hits The iPad, Download & Read Cheap Textbooks On The Go!

Last night, Textbooks hit the App Store. The application, which is natively compatible with the iPad and currently available for free, allows users to download digital textbooks at 30-50 percent off the list price.

AppGuide Updated: Graphing Apps for iPad

By now, everyone knows how much fun an iPad can be. Sometimes, however, they can fill a practical need as well. These apps, with the new addition of MathGraphics, will try to replace your TI-XX and help you with some of the toughest of math topics.

Student Tools For iPad Offers An All-In-One Educational Tool

Using your iPad to help with school work can be a challenge. Some apps can cause distraction, and it can be easy to loose your study rhythm by switching back and forth between apps. Student Tools aims to provide an all-in-one app to improve your productivity and help you remain focused.

Study On The Go With mMarkup

mMarkup has tons of features but lacks in user friendliness. I'd recommend looking elsewhere for PDF viewing app.

Get 90% Of Required Textbooks On Your iPad And Save Up To 60%

Colleges across the U.S. are testing out the idea of using iPads in place of textbooks. Now, thanks to one company, you can get almost every textbook you need on your iPad in one handy app.

iPads Given To Stanford Medical Students

If you're a Stanford University medical student, you might be one of the lucky bunch scheduled to receive an iPad to help with your studies. Read on to find out more...

Make Your iPad College-Ready

The iPad can be a great productivity tool for college. Before you head back to campus this fall, be sure to grab these essential college apps.

iPad Ready To Enroll In College This Fall?

The iPad is heading off to college? Read on to find out about the iPad's implementation as an academic companion!

New Applist: Make Your iPhone College-Ready

Headed off to college in the fall? You can turn your iPhone into your best study-buddy with these handy college apps.