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Pic Noir Puts An Interesting Spin On Photo Editing Elements

Could this be your next go-to photo editor?

Get Your Art On With These iPad Apps

Make beautiful art using your iPad.

Apple Isn’t Buying Color, But Rather ‘Acqhiring’ Their Talent

Color isn't coming to Apple. Rather, many of the company's employees are.

Updated: Apple Nearing Color Purchase?

Color, the app forever known as "the $41 million app," could soon become part of Apple.

Updated: Color’s Third Attempt At Relevance Relies On Verizon's 4G Network

Color, the company that raised $41 million in 2011, only to see their first iOS product fail miserably, is attempting yet another comeback. This time, Color is partnering with Verizon Wireless to bring HD video and audio sharing to Verizon customers only.

Color's Pivot Is Out - As A Color For Facebook

Hours after our Color for Facebook first-look, the app is now live in the App Store.

Find Instagram Pictures Near You With Instacolor

Dig "Color," but wish there were more users? Here is an app for you.

It’s Time To Stick A Fork In The Heavily-Hyped Color App

Photo apps are released to the App Store weekly. Yet, few arrive with as much fanfare as did Color earlier this year. But, this isn’t a story with a happy ending. Rather, it shows that even an app lined with $41 million in funding isn’t necessarily a success, especially when its would-be customers have no idea how to use it.

Colors, Bumps, And A Whole Lot More

A wonderfully colorful game for kids. Navigate the little fish through worlds by coordinating wall bumps with color. Earn points and show off through GameCenter and OpenFeint.

Slewpi Combines Motion, Color And Sound

Finger painting gets musical in this unique music app.

Top AppAdvice News & Apps Of The Past Week

Continued iPhone 5 rumors gained traction, while one iPad 3 rumor was debunked. The white iPhone 4 returned from the dead, but unfortunately, the Flip Video died a painful death. Adobe played nice with Apple, but Viacom went after Cablevision. Finally, one app went to Hollywood, while another looked a lot like an app already in the App Store. These stories and more made news during the last week.

The Best iPhone Apps Of The Week

Which iPhone apps made their mark this week? Which one was the iPhone App of the week?

Top AppAdvice News & Apps Of The Past Week

Some giants in media began their fights, as Amazon revealed its cloud. Meanwhile, Angry Birds Rio sold ten million copies in just ten days, while the $41 million Color app joined the App Store and fell flat. Finally, AppAdvice introduced the world to the iPad 2i, but it was all just a joke. These stories and more made news during the last week.

Criticized Color App Receives Update, But Is It Any Better?

The critically panned Color app for the iPhone/iPod touch has received an update. The photo-sharing app now includes improved navigation, updated icons, among other changes. But, will it be enough to quiet its critics?

Color App Is Universally Slammed, Especially By One Reviewer [You Really Need To See This]

No one should be surprised the new Color app for the iPhone/iPod touch has caused a large number of negative comments just one week after it debuted in the App Store. However, one Color review, first spotted by Mike's Posterous, tops them all and we thought we’d publish it here for your enjoyment.

Uncovered Color App Hack Could Actually Make The $41 Million Dollar App Better

When using a simple hack, users can easily trick the photo-sharing app, Color, and make it think you are actually somewhere else. By doing so, you can then view photos from users anywhere in the world. Maybe this isn't such a bad idea.

Top AppAdvice News & Apps Of The Past Week

Angry Birds invades Rio, Tiger Woods aims to please, and of course, the iPad 2 debuts in 25 additional countries in stories that made news during the last week.

Color: The $41 Million Dollar App Is Released

Color, one of the most talked about iPhone/iPod touch apps has launched. This isn’t just any app: Color is backed by $41 million in venture capital and supported by a website,, which cost its creators an additional $350,000. But, is the app any good?

Make Your iPhone 4 Colorful With ColorWare

ColorWare, known for customizing numerous portable electronics, is now bringing their talents to the iPhone 4. While ColorWare can't promise to improve your reception, they can promise you an iPhone like no-one else.

Make A Splash On iPhone With Freaking Inkies

Freaking Inkies is a fun new shooter game for iPhone with a colourful twist. Little Monsters have invaded your library and the only way to get rid of them is to fire colourful paint shots at them. The catch? You have to mix the right colours together to defeat them.