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JailbreakMe: Fix For Camera Connection Kit To Hit Cydia Tomorrow

The online jailbreak solution JailbreakMe has the ability to “liberate” a variety of iOS devices, including the iPad 2. But in the process, the Web-based jailbreak also screws a few things up, namely Apple’s Camera Connection Kit. Fortunately, @comex has recently announced (via Twitter) that a fix for this issue will hit Cydia tomorrow, which is great news.

Joe White

JailbreakMe Domain Up For Sale, But Comex Doesn't Actually Own It

This weekend, it was revealed that the domain for JailbreakMe (that is, "") was up for sale via GoDaddy, which left many wondering whether @comex' online jailbreak solution was ever going to be released, following the PDF's leak earlier in the week. Now, @comex has acknowledged the sale via Twitter, claiming that he does not own the domain, and that he is not the person "who put it on GoDaddy."

Joe White

Comex Updates JailbreakMe, But Don't Get Too Excited

The famous jailbreak mastermind, @comex, has recently updated JailbreakMe - the online jailbreak solution, which has previously launched twice. For a while now, many have expected @comex to relaunch JailbreakMe with added support for iOS 4.3.3 and possibly even the second generation iPad. However, as of this moment, no such update has taken place.

Joe White

iOS 4.1 Jailbreak Waiting For Release

Good news jailbreakers; whether your new iPhone shipped with iOS 4.0.2, you upgraded by mistake and hadn't saved you SHSH, or you want the new native HDR feature, you apparently don't need to worry as an iOS 4.1 jailbreak is apparently a given at this point.

Alexander Vaughn

Frash: Adobe Flash Now On iOS

Apple won't allow Flash on its iDevices. They have their reasons and by now we've learned to live without it. Yet, some tenacious folks just can't let go and have come up with the most clever workarounds.