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Kung Fu Robot Gets Updated To Bring Its 'Volume 3, Part 1' IAP

Hiiiiiiiiiya! Kung Fu Robot has just received its 3.0.0 update.

New AppList: Apps For Comic Geeks

Comic Geeks Unite! These apps will help give you the full comic book experience.

Updated AppGuide: Best Comic File Readers

This AppGuide will help you find the best comic file reader for your needs!

Mega City Has Been Invaded, Time To Lay Down The Law In Judge Dredd Vs Zombies

Judge Dredd has come to the iOS gaming world and this time he's here to judge … zombies!

New AppList: Apps For Combining Photos

Combine your photos in different ways with these apps. For example, you can scatter photos onto the background of your choosing. Create a grid, mosaic, cubist artwork, or panorama of your photos. Learn about all those and more in this AppList.

Imaginary Range: The Latest Game From Square-Enix Breaks The Mold

Imaginary Range is the mysterious game Square-Enix teased us about a couple of weeks ago. The game mixes comic-style storytelling via cutscenes with gameplay comprised of various mini games.

Is 6th Planet A Comic Within A Game Or A Game Within A Comic?

The new game, 6th Planet, is a 2D science fiction flyer that in some ways is as much an original comic book series as a game. You are a monkey sent to Saturn (yes, it’s the 6th planet) to explore and learn if it will be habitable for humans in the near future. The game includes 50 levels across seven worlds, and the story is told using 188 comic strip cutscenes.

Take Comic Book Pictures Instantly With Comic Cam

Comic Cam is a new photography app that allows you to take pictures with a comic book effect. The app even lets you see the effect before the picture is actually taken.

Review: Cyanide and Happiness

If you're a fan of Cyanide and Happiness, you're in luck. They now have their own iPhone app, but is it worth the $0.99? Read on to find out.