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comic books

True Comic Book Value puts buying and selling power in your pocket

With this new app in hand you can haggle smarter over the prices of your comic books.

Kung Fu Robot Gets Updated To Bring Its 'Volume 3, Part 1' IAP

Hiiiiiiiiiya! Kung Fu Robot has just received its 3.0.0 update.

Following Amazon Acquisition, ComiXology Launches A New Read-Only iOS App

ComiXology is unfortunately now a read-only iOS application.

ComiXology Announces A Security Breach, What You Need To Do

The popular comic book seller has experienced a security breach.

ComiXology Wants To Stuff Your iOS Device With Inexpensive Comics

For a limited time, comiXology is offering sales on three different series of popular comics.

Give NARR8 A Try For A Chance To Win An iTunes Gift Card

AppAdvice has teamed up with NARR8, our latest AppAdvice Daily podcast sponsor, in order to offer you a chance to win an iTunes Gift Card just for trying their e-reader app.

The iBookstore Becomes A Regular Distributor Of DC Comics

DC Entertainment is finally placing digital copies in the major e-bookstores, including the iBookstore.

The Revolution Continues! Interactive Graphic Novel CIA: Operation Ajax Now Optimized For iPhone

Hailed by none other than The New York Times as "one of the coolest media experiences" on the iPad, Cognito Comics' CIA: Operation Ajax is now also available on the iPhone.

The iPad Is Helping Make 'Motion' Comics A Graphic, Gratifying Reality

Slowly but surely, comic books are evolving. And we owe it all to the iPad.

'Bottom Of The Ninth' Is The World's First Animated Graphic Novel

Love comics? Well, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Become A Valiant Knight Or A Damsel In Distress While Reading Dragon's Lair Comics

Dragon's Lair gets the digital comic treatment for iOS.

App Synergy: How To Create A Digital Comic Library

Learn how to build a massive comic collection on the cheap.

Ape Entertainment Announces The Upcoming Release Of Sesame Street Comics

Ape Entertainment, you may best know them because of the Pocket God Comics, has begun work on a brand new children's series of comic books, Sesame Street.

It's The Battle For Intergalactic Supremacy: Ducks Vs. Devils

Daniel Johnston has released a graphic novel and an app featuring, of all things, space ducks.

Macworld 2012: CIA: Operation Ajax To Become A Universal App

Cognito Comics was present at this year’s Macworld convention to announce the upcoming update to its digital comic, CIA: Operation Ajax. The big news for the update is that the currently iPad-specific version will become a universal app this March.

Updated AppGuide: Best Comic File Readers

This AppGuide will help you find the best comic file reader for your needs!

A Chance To Win Comic Reader! For iPad

Here's your chance to win Obsidian Arts' Comic Reader! ($3.99) for iPad.

New AppList: Apps to Buy Comics

This AppList will help you sort through the many comic-buying options in the appstore to find the best place to buy the title you're looking for.

Cut The Rope Comic Book Series Coming To iOS And Print This Fall

It looks like Om Nom will be expanding his reach even further this fall with a new comic book series that will explore his untold backstory.

DC To Release Digital Comics The Same Day Paper Copies Hit Stores

DC Comics, Inc. has recently announced that it plans to release digital versions of future comic books on the same day as their paper counterparts hit stores. The scheme, called "Day and Date Digital," was announced alongside DC's new "52" series.

AppGuide Updated: Best iPad Comic Books Apps

The iPad brings comic books to life. The iPad can show comic books in ways that paper never could. With the addition of DC Comic Viewer, people have yet another choice of how to bring their comics to the iPad.

New AppGuide: Best Comic File Readers

In the age of today's digital lifestyle, many people still hold on to paper comic books. However, other comic book fans have embraced the digital versions. The apps in this AppGuide will allow anyone to read digital comics on their iPhone, with all of the advantages of modern app features, including searching, downloading and sorting. These things cannot be done on the same scale with traditional comic books.

Is 6th Planet A Comic Within A Game Or A Game Within A Comic?

The new game, 6th Planet, is a 2D science fiction flyer that in some ways is as much an original comic book series as a game. You are a monkey sent to Saturn (yes, it’s the 6th planet) to explore and learn if it will be habitable for humans in the near future. The game includes 50 levels across seven worlds, and the story is told using 188 comic strip cutscenes.