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Comic Strip

Strip Yourself Brings Easy Comic Strip Photo Creation To The iPhone

Sometimes you don’t want all the bells and whistles with a photography app. Sometimes you just want to take a photo, have it automatically turned into what you want and—BAM!—done.

"Halftone" By Juicy Bits Is Bigger Than Ever With Universal Update To 1.6

Juicy Bits' "Halftone" photography app has been made universal in its latest feature update.

Halftone Updated To 1.5, We've Got Promos For The Winning

Halftone's been upgraded to 1.5, and it's a doozy. Win one of five copies in our giveaway, or buy it for a buck.

Juicy Bits' "Halftone" Awaiting Apple Approval For Version 1.5

Juicy Bits' soon-to-be-released "Halftone" update should add a lot more cartoony fun to your iPhone photo-roll.

QuickAdvice: Create Your Own Comics And More With Comic Strip CS - Plus, Win a Promo Code!

Comic Strip - CS is an enormously fun and easy way to create a comic strip or multi-photo piece in a single frame. Simply place your photos into one of the templates, add captions, and voilà! You have a personalized comic strip!