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'Genius' Ad Director Quits, Goes From Selling Apple Products To Hamburgers

The "genius" behind Apple's heavily criticized ads quits.

Say Goodbye To Apple's 'Genius' Ads Once And For All

The much-maligned Apple Genius ads have been pulled from both the company’s marketing page and YouTube channel.

Apple's Annoying Genius No Longer Selling Macs On TV

The chatty Genius guy is no longer selling Macs on television. The time has come for Apple to think different again!

Recent Apple Ads Have Been On The Wrong Kind Of Roll

Rotten apples don't make the greatest commercials.

SpotMusic Does What It Says And Nothing More

Ever want to know what that great song was that was playing in that commercial? Feel the need to use something other than Google or YouTube to find out? If so, then SpotMusic has been designed specifically for you.

iPhone 4 Promo Videos: Design, Retina Display, And FaceTime

Apple have uploaded a series of promotional videos for those of you anxious to drool over the upcoming iPhone 4. Read on to check them out!