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What Apple Can Learn From The HP TouchPad

Moments ago, HP finally entered the tablet war with both feet by introducing the TouchPad, the first real offspring of HP's Palm acquisition. By curiosity, we've been following some of the liveblogs covering the event, and we had the pleasant surprise to hear about some interesting new ideas HP is bringing to the tablet table (the Palm brand has apparently been retired, RIP). I wouldn't be surprised for some of these to become standards, and who knows, make it to iOS. So come find out about them.

Alexander Vaughn

Video: iPhone 4 & Windows Phone 7 Compared

Microsoft is close to shipping a product they think will rival the iPhone: Windows Phone 7 OS. In the past we've shown you video glimpses of it, but Pocketnow (via Macstories) just released a new video showing off its main screen, a bit of the interface, as well as the email client.

Alexander Vaughn

When It Comes To Wooing iOS Developers - Palm Ain't Better

It seems like offering cold hard cash to push developers to switch over to your platform is slowly becoming a common industry practice. Following this past weekend's story about Microsoft's practices to lure developers into working on their platform, we were forwarded a couple of similar emails, this time from Palm.

Microsoft Mining The App Store To Find iOS Developers & Win Them Over

It's been said many times that Microsoft and even Google are doing everything in their power to win over developers to their respective mobile platforms. Yet, these were often just rumors and the fact that they were offering money for a switch was still more of a belief than anything. Well, iOS developer Oliver Drobnik was approached as well recently, and had the good idea of publishing what he was sent.