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This Impressive Concept Brings Glass Breaks Back To Apple's Bigger iPhone 6

Will glass breaks feature on the iPhone 6? This concept investigates what the handset will look like if they do.

The Latest iPhone 6 Concept Is Big, Beautiful, But Square?

Martin Hajek has released a new concept design for Apple's iPhone 6.

The Apple TV Meets Google's Chromecast In This 'Apple TV Air' Concept

This latest Apple TV concept imagines what would happen if Apple's set-top box took inspiration from Google's Chromecast.

This iPhone Air Concept Presents The Most Believable Design Yet

If Apple does launch a bigger iPhone Air, we think it'll look a lot like this.

Have An 'Apple iCup' Of Joe On Steve Jobs' Birthday

Steve Jobs would have turned 59 today.

Concept: New Mockups Imagine How iOS 8's 'Healthbook' Might Look

One new concept has imagined how Apple's Healthbook app might look.

Check Out This Curved, iOS 7-Inspired Apple HDTV Concept

One new Apple HDTV concept combines the best ideas from two popular concept designers.

How Do You Like This Impressive 'iPhone Air' Concept?

One new concept investigates how a sixth-generation "iPhone Air" might look.

First Look: Apple's Touch ID-Equipped Gold iPad mini

Here's an idea of what a gold, Touch ID-equipped iPad mini 2 could look like.

New Concept Brings The Purported iPhone 5S Home Button To Life

Could this be what the iPhone 5S' Home button will look like?

Impressive Concept Shows iOS 7 Running On A 4.3-Inch iPhone Handset

How might Apple's recently unveiled iOS 7 look running on a 4.3-inch iPhone 6?

New Apple HDTV Concept Surfaces: Features iPad mini Remote, Siri Integration

Holding out for an Apple HDTV? Then take a look at this new impressive concept video.

New 'iPhone 6' Concept Video Hits The Web, But Don't Get Too Excited

A new "iPhone 6" concept video has hit the Web - but should we take it seriously?

Today's Best Apps: Pro Music, Instatag, Concept And More

We summarize the best iOS apps from the last 24 hours.

Creepy Wearable iPhone Mockup Is Creepy

Here's how to combine two fledgling tech trends into one scary-looking, futuristic smartphone.

New iOS Mockups Elegantly Combine Latest iPhone Rumors

A gray color scheme and Safari omnibar could be coming to iOS 6.

Apple, Please Implement This Fold-To-Unlock Concept In iOS

Anton Kudin, an interface and Web designer and Dribble user, has recently created the image of an awesome fold-to-unlock iOS concept and posted it to the popular idea-sharing website.

Reader-Submitted 'Video Screenshot' Concepts Highlight Apple's Endless Options

A reader shares some rough drafts on iOS' possible implementation of a "video screenshot" feature.

Apple Needs To Give Us 'Video Screenshots' In iOS

Everybody uses iOS' built-in screenshot function, but what if you could capture video the same way?

As An iPod nano, We Say No-No. As A TV Remote, We Say Bring It On!

This iPod nano concept looks like the perfect Apple TV remote.

The Conceptual AIRE Mask Charges Your iPhone With Your Breath

This conceptual iPhone charger is a (hopefully) fresh take on something we've been doing for years.

Clever Designer Fixes Apple's Latest Lock Screen Disaster

The iPhone's new Lock screen is pretty crummy. Luckily, one designer's come up with the perfect solution.

Edge-Based Input A Realistic Option To Improve iOS Multitasking?

Fan-made UI concepts go hand-in-hand with iOS development, often to such a degree that some of the fantasy actually emulates the efforts of Apple's patient and thorough system engineers. In other words, if the concept is logical and its execution kept simple (and intuitive), chances are Apple's already playing with the idea.