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concept video

New Apple HDTV Concept Surfaces: Features iPad mini Remote, Siri Integration

Holding out for an Apple HDTV? Then take a look at this new impressive concept video.

New 'iPhone 6' Concept Video Hits The Web, But Don't Get Too Excited

A new "iPhone 6" concept video has hit the Web - but should we take it seriously?

Corning's Vision Of The Future Is All Touchscreen, All The Time

If these Corning videos are anything to go on, Android and Windows fans don't have much to look forward to.

Tyype HD 'Repurposes' YouTuber's Keyboard Concept As Functional iPad App

While this app treads on ripoff territory, it brings a decent typing experience to iPad.

SlideWriter Hopes To Highlight Ease Of Text Editing On The iPad

It seems that concept videos for better iPad text editing methods are all the rage nowadays.

iPad Keyboard Concept Highlights Cursor Placement And Text Selection

This keyboard concept could have Cupertino's engineers reconsidering their plans for iOS 6.

Another iPhone 5 Concept Video: Full Control With One Hand

One of our readers created this iPhone 5 mock-up video and shared it with us.

Exciting iOS Concept Video Reminds Us How Much Apple Could Improve Multitasking

A new concept video has recently hit the Web, which outlines an alternative multitasking interface for iOS.

Concept iOS Notification System Impresses, May Be Partially Correct

Independent designer Andreas shows off his take on the purported iOS 5 notification system redesign.