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Concepts' New Strokes Feature Is A Stroke Of Smart Sketching Genius

Concepts is already an impressive smart sketching app as it is. But with its new 2.1 update, it has become vastly more impressive.

This Could Be The Google Talk iOS App We've Been Waiting For

Tim Green's Google Talk iOS app concept has a color scheme consistent with Google's recently established look and feel on iOS.

Today's Best Apps: Pixmos, Concepts And More

We summarize the best iOS apps from the last 24 hours.

Creepy Wearable iPhone Mockup Is Creepy

Here's how to combine two fledgling tech trends into one scary-looking, futuristic smartphone.

New iOS Mockups Elegantly Combine Latest iPhone Rumors

A gray color scheme and Safari omnibar could be coming to iOS 6.

Reader-Submitted 'Video Screenshot' Concepts Highlight Apple's Endless Options

A reader shares some rough drafts on iOS' possible implementation of a "video screenshot" feature.

Apple Needs To Give Us 'Video Screenshots' In iOS

Everybody uses iOS' built-in screenshot function, but what if you could capture video the same way?

Unrealistic Expectations Will Affect Popular View Of Apple's Newest Tablet

Apple's iPad 3 will undoubtedly outsell the line's previous models, but what about its "wow" factor?

This May Be Your Next iPhone: Design Concept Roundup

When a new iDevice is due for a refresh, you can expect a storm of photos from around the world claiming to be the new design. From people just looking for attention, to others who really think they're a part of Apple's design team, concepts hit us one by one. Now that the iPhone 5 release is soon approaching, we've decided to present the best from all the wannabe iPhone designers.