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Consumer Reports

Here's proof that the iPhone 6 'Bendgate' controversy is blown way out of proportion

Consumer Reports has chimed in with its take on the issue questioning the durability of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.

Consumer Reports Rates Motorola's Droid Higher Than Apple's New iPhones

Consumer Reports likes this year's iPhones. They liked some others even more.

Updated: Consumer Reports Doesn't Think Much Of The iPhone 5

Consumer Reports once again has some unkind words for the iPhone.

The New iPad Ranks Best In New Consumer Reports Survey

Consumer Reports is out with the organization’s latest tablet survey and in a surprising twist, the new iPad scores best among the recommended tablets. This comes just weeks after the U.S. watchdog group found that Apple’s latest tablet runs hotter than its predecessor, the iPad 2.

Consumer Reports Has Crazy Issues With Apple TV, Clearly Doesn't 'Get' Apple

Surprise, surprise! Consumer Reports finds fault with the new Apple TV.

Consumer Reports: White iPhone 4 Same Size As Black Model

Consumer Reports has examined the new white iPhone 4, and has determined it is exactly the same size as the original black iPhone 4 model. Accordingly, both models are 0.37 inches in thickness. This news follows numerous reports indicating that the white iPhone was noticeably thicker than its black counterpart.

What A Surprise: Consumer Reports Loves The iPad - And Still Not A Fan Of iPhone 4

Two months after criticizing the Verizon iPhone, Consumer Reports calls the iPad the best tablet available on the market. The news is available online and in the publication’s May 2010 print edition.

No Surprise: Consumer Reports Won't Recommend The Verizon iPhone

Consumer Reports published a petty review of the Verizon iPhone 4. With it, they deny the handset a place on its list of recommended smart phones.

Consumer Reports Barcode Scanner Hits The App Store

The popular unbiased product review site, Consumer Reports, has recently released an iOS application. For $9.99/year, users get to take advantage of a barcode scanning app which puts all the reviews of Consumer Reports at their fingertips. If you're thinking of buying this app, do so now, because at the beginning of next year it's price is going up to $14.99/year. Read on to find out more...

Appisode 151: iOS4 Bugs, SNES On The Pad And Parking Made Easy

iOS4 bugs, Consumer Reports non recomendation of the iPhone 4 and find out how to get F-Zero on your iPad. We have all this and more on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Not So Fast: Consumer Reports Study Flawed

Consumer Reports' decision not to recommend the iPhone 4 has now gone mainstream and has relaunched the debacle around the new iPhone's antenna. Yet, they got it all wrong.

Consumer Reports Tells Us iPhone 4 Is Best On The Market But, Don't Buy It

Despite Consumer Reports' announcement that they "can't recommend" the iPhone 4, the site has granted the handset super-high marks, labelling it the best on the market.

Apple Deletes Consumer Reports Threads, Wants Us All To Forget The Fiasco

Moderators over at Apple's support forum have started pulling posts regarding Consumer Reports' recent announcement, stating that they "can't recommend" the iPhone 4 due to its infamous antenna issue. Read on to find out more about this fiasco.

iPhone 4 Antenna Issue Confirmed By Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports has announced that it "can't recommend the iPhone 4" due to the well-reported antenna issue that has affected a great many users. Read on to find out more about the report, including an inexpensive fix!