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Consumer Reports

The New iPad Ranks Best In New Consumer Reports Survey

Consumer Reports is out with the organization’s latest tablet survey and in a surprising twist, the new iPad scores best among the recommended tablets. This comes just weeks after the U.S. watchdog group found that Apple’s latest tablet runs hotter than its predecessor, the iPad 2.

Bryan M. Wolfe

Consumer Reports has examined the new white iPhone 4, and has determined it is exactly the same size as the original black iPhone 4 model. Accordingly, both models are 0.37 inches in thickness. This news follows numerous reports indicating that the white iPhone was noticeably thicker than its black counterpart.

Consumer Reports Barcode Scanner Hits The App Store

The popular unbiased product review site, Consumer Reports, has recently released an iOS application. For $9.99/year, users get to take advantage of a barcode scanning app which puts all the reviews of Consumer Reports at their fingertips. If you're thinking of buying this app, do so now, because at the beginning of next year it's price is going up to $14.99/year. Read on to find out more...

Joe White