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Get back those deleted files on iCloud's Web page

A new feature on iCloud's Web page will allow you to restore deleted files, contacts, and calendar entries.

Radar - Stay Informed lets you keep up with your contacts

To keep up with what your friends and colleagues are doing on social networking sites, there's an app for that.

The 'living' addappt contacts app has been completely redesigned using Apple's Swift

The latest addappt app update is available on the App Store.

Win A Free T-Shirt To Celebrate The Latest Addappt App Update

The popular contacts app for iPhone has some brand new features.

Mingle: Action-Based Contacts Could Be The Best, Fastest Contacts App

Quickly launch actions for any contact with this productive contacts app.

Atmospheir Promises To Offer A Reimagined Address Book For iOS

Atmospheir could be the iOS contacts application you've been looking for.

AppAdvice Daily: OS X Mavericks Tips And Tricks

Don't miss out on any of the awesome OS X Mavericks features by watching today's tips and tricks show.

Get Frictionless Access To Your Contacts With Fast Dial

This quick access contact app makes it easier than ever before to reach the people you care about, no matter which method you use

Cydia Tweak: Add Velox-Powered Phone Functions To The Home Screen With Addial

One new jailbreak tweak can add Velox-powered Phone functions to an iPhone's Home screen.

AppAdvice Daily: Best New Apps Of The Week

Start your week off with the hottest new apps in the App Store.

Get Quicker Access To Your Address Book With ReachFast Contacts

Accessing and adding new contacts has never been easier thanks to ReachFast.

ReachFast Wants You To Ditch Your Contacts App On iPhone

ReachFast Contacts has one goal: to save you time.

Keeping Notes On Your Contacts Has Never Been Easier With Notable

It can be hard to remember how you met all of those people in your address book, but this app has simplified the task.

Get A Better Address Book For Your iPhone With Cobook

Looking for a better address book alternative for your iPhone? Cobook may have just what you're looking for.

How To Merge Duplicate Contacts And Keep The Originals Intact

If you have duplicate contacts, linking them in iOS may be the best way to get rid the clutter while preserving the original information.

Addappt Will Change The Way You Use Your Address Book, For The Better

Addappt is here to change the old school ways we still handle our address books.

Make Siri Smarter: Part 1

Stop cursing Siri's name because we're going to show you how to make her smarter and more usable. Find out how on today's AppAdvice Daily.

How To Sync Google Contacts With Your iPhone

If you’ve just made the switch to iPhone, or would like to have your Google contacts on an iOS device, there’s an easy way to get everything in sync.

The Savi People App Adds Social Twist To All Of Your iPhone Contacts

The new Savi People app is better than your Contacts app ... for now at least.

WorldCard Mobile and WorldCard HD Giveaway

Looking for a better way to manage all those business cards?

Contacts Sync For Google Mail: Sync Your Gmail Contacts With Your iPhone

Contacts Sync For Google Mail ($2.99) is a recently updated application that, as its name suggests, allows Apple fans to sync their contacts between a Google Mail account and an iPhone or iPod touch.

Facial Recognition Made Easy With Faces

A handy tool for anyone to learn the names of their contacts. Play matching games that require facial recognition of your contacts. Simple, easy, and useful!

AppGuide Updated: Gmail Apps For The iPad

The Mail app in iOS is fantastic for general use. However, for Gmail users, it's lacking. For example, Mail does not support labels, archiving and starred messages. The apps in this AppGuide have native support for Gmail the way Google intended, with all of the features listed above. We have updated this guide to inform you of whether the apps here also support other Google services such as Contacts, Calendar and Reader.

AppGuide Updated: Apps for Texting

Sure, Apple's new iMesseger may have been announced recently, but with so many people without iDevices, it may be of use to look at these texting app and dodge the bill that you carrier is eager to give to you.