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How Does The iPad 2 Handle DRM-Protected Content & HDMI Output?

Steve Jobs unveiled, along with the iPad 2, a handy little accessory that allows iPad 2 owners to mirror anything happening on their screen (via HDMI) to a television or projector. Video-out functionality isn't new to iOS. The interesting point is that this accessory works independently of the app currently running, and will function even when the app you're running doesn't support video-out.

Amazon Makes Our Cloud Streaming Dreams Come True - What About iOS?

Amazon just beat Apple at providing a true, cloud-based music purchasing and streaming service. Will Apple follow, or will Amazon extend it to iOS? Let's find out what's at play.

Infinity Blade Updated: More Content Added, And iPad 2 Optimization

The truly “epic” Infinity Blade has just received another update. Now, gamers can enjoy new content – including “dreaded dungeons,” new enemies, and new items. Furthermore, users can now re-master items via “NewGame+,” and enjoy high resolution graphics when playing the game on the iPad 2.

PlayOn Lets You Bypass Flash And The App Store

What do the masters of bypassing streaming video limitations do when they get hung up in the App Store? They bypass it too.

Professional Artists (Not Me) Adopting The iPad

While making art on the iPhone and iPad is not news, some great examples of artists transitioning to the iPad are now coming out of the UK. Read the full story if you want to see some of this great art and not just my poor attempt at it.

Review: Mobicip Safe Browser

The iPhone and iPod Touch are sure to top kids' Christmas lists this season, but if giving them a high-tech, internet capable device makes you nervous, you need to know about Mobicip. I kick it around for you to see if it holds up! Check out the review!