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Basil 3 is now on iPhone and will spruce up your cooking

Basil's latest update makes it a universal app and one you shouldn't miss.

Orange Chef introduces Countertop, a platform for connecting kitchen appliances together

Orange Chef's Countertop hopes to create connected kitchens for its users.

Utilize your iPad with the best apps for cooks

Watch your iPad transform into your new sous chef.

Cooking at home is easy with these iOS apps

Streamline at-home cooking with your iPhone.

Take your love for desserts to the next level with these iOS apps

Eat yourself into a sugar coma with these lovely apps.

Master The Barbecue This Memorial Day With The Best Grilling Apps

Get things sizzlin' this summer with our guide for barbecue apps.

Calling All Foodies: New iOS-Compatible iGrill Accessories Are On This Year's Menu

The folks at iDevices have two more products on the menu for iDevice-owning foodies.

Host Thanksgiving With Ease Using These Apps On Your iPhone or iPad

Thanksgiving doesn't have to be stressful. Use these apps to make it smooth sailing.

Feed Your Vegan Side With Tasty Recipes From The Gorgeous Veggie Weekend

Whether you're a vegetarian or not, you'll enjoy having this gorgeous app around next time you want to try cooking something new and different.

Make Your Own Cookbooks And Share Them With The World With Cook

Share your creative talent in the kitchen with the world in this gorgeous new app.

Become Master Of The Grill With These Apps

Summer is here and so is barbecue season.

Basil Gets Tastier With A Beefy New Update

You'll appreciate having Basil around in the kitchen with this juicy update.

Eat Yourself Into A Holiday Sugar Coma

Love making sweets? The holiday season is the perfect time to download these apps that aim to satisfy the most insatiable sweet tooth.

Do Your Holiday Baking With Your iPad This Year

Baked goods—from cookies for Santa to fruit cake—are a staple of the holiday season as much as snow and presents. Whether you have favorite family recipes, want to experiment, or have never baked before, the apps below will help. 

AppAdvice Daily Thanksgiving Special

Thanksgiving meal helpers and lots of giveaways. We're getting into the holiday spirit on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Make The Best Thanksgiving Dinner Ever With These Apps

Make Thanksgiving quick and easy with these apps.

Thanksgiving Dinner Will Be Easier Than Ever With These Apps

Preparing an extravagant meal during the holidays will be a breeze with these cooking apps!

Life Is Uncertain, Eat Dessert First

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these apps made for dessert addicts!

Make Cooking Quick And Fun By Winning Kitchen Aid Kit Pro

Here's your chance to win Kitchen Aid Kit Pro for iPad!

Spice Up Your Kitchen With Basil's Latest Update

Basil is a "smart recipe manager" that just keeps getting smarter. Find out what's new with the latest update.

Make Food So Good You'll Never Eat Out Again

Cooking at home doesn't mean you can't have gourmet cuisine. Make the best meals ever with these iPhone apps.

Basil - A Great New Recipe Manager For Your iPad

Want to use that awesome new iPad of yours as a "kitchen screen?" Then make sure to give Basil a try.

A Chance To Win Drinking Man's Diet Cookbook For iPad

Here's your chance to win a copy of Drinking Man's Diet Cookbook ($3.99) for iPad.