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Couple, The Popular Social Networking App For 2, Gets Coupled With Stickers

Couple, the popular social networking app specially designed for couples, has finally jumped on the sticker bandwagon.

Popular Social Networking App For Couples Updated With Various Improvements

Couple, the aptly named social networking app for two, has just received another update that brings several noteworthy improvements.

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, These Apps For Couples All Have Updates For You

For some reason, a bunch of "apps for couples" have just received their respective new updates.

Pair Gets Married To Cupple, Changes Name To Couple

Now here's a match that's apparently made in App Store heaven.

IceBreak For Couples Can Bring You Closer Together

During this busy and stressful time of year, it’s easy to neglect the one you love. IceBreak for Couples is here to help. You can even earn real cash discounts for date night by completing the activities within the app.