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cover shooters

Robot combat shooter Epoch 2 goes free for first time ever as Apple's App of the Week

Epoch 2 has just gone free for the first time since its launch in November last year.

Dead Or Alive, You're Coming With RoboCop In Glu Games' Official Movie Tie-In Game

You're under arrest! For not yet playing RoboCop, that is.

Long-Awaited Robot Combat Cover Shooter Sequel Epoch.2 Finally Comes Out In The Open

Epoch.2, the highly anticipated sequel to the acclaimed Epoch cover shooter, has been launched today on iOS.

Epic Post-Apocalyptic Robot Combat Cover Shooter Sequel Epoch 2 Coming Soon To iOS

Uppercut Games is set to make another epoch-making turn in iOS gaming as the sequel to its acclaimed Epoch game gears up for launch in the App Store.