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curious satellite

Curious Satellite Updates Hueless And Huemore With New Focusing Engine

Both Hueless and Huemore have been updated once again with the same set of enhancements.

AppAdvice App Of The Week For March 18, 2013

Get off to a good start on the week with these fun new photography apps!

Hueless Makes Black-And-White Photography Easier With Custom Presets And More

If you've been waiting for Hueless' major update for this month, seeing as it's received one for every month since its release last May, then wait no more.

Hueless 1.5 Goes Live With Live Contrast Slider, Live Color Filter Picker And More

Hueless 1.5 introduces four new major features, including a more streamlined interface and a live contrast slider.

See And Shoot The World In Black And White With Hueless

Curious Satellite's black-and-white photography app Hueless has undergone another picture perfect update.