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QuickAdvice: Create Custom Ringtones With Ring.tones - Plus, Win A Copy!

Ring.tones allows you to customize your iPhone by creating your own ringtones. You can choose from the many ringtones in the app, create your own from your iTunes library, or record your own ringtone live.

QuickAdvice: Create Astounding Personalized Photos With PixyMe

Create personalized greetings with the text of your choice integrated into a photo. Plus, it's free for the month of June!

QuickAdvice: Create Your Own Handwritten Font With MyFont - Plus Win A Promo Code!

MyFont is a sweet little app that brings back the romance of a hand-written letter. Now you can create a custom font with your own handwriting!

Use Your iPhone's Camera To Make A Custom Visa Gift Card

App developers have come up with a lot of great uses for the iPhone's camera. Now, one developer has come up with a way to make your own customized Visa gift card with it.

Make Your iPhone 4 Colorful With ColorWare

ColorWare, known for customizing numerous portable electronics, is now bringing their talents to the iPhone 4. While ColorWare can't promise to improve your reception, they can promise you an iPhone like no-one else.