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cute games

Super Kawaii Mameshiba Rolls Through The App Store And Into Our Hearts

Collect all 43 different Mameshiba characters by catching the slippery beans with your chopsticks. Don’t let their adorableness distract you. These little legumes are tough stuff.

Rescue Lost Puppies With Fluff Friends Rescue

Fluff Friends Rescue is a universal time management “plate spinning” game similar to the time management apps Diner Dash and Cake Mania. This adorable version is not food related at all, but pet related. Rescue lost puppies and kittens, fix their boo-boos and put them up for adoption.

The Next Big Thing Just Flew Into The App Store

Space Kiwi is a fun filled forward scrolling arcade style game that might just be the cutest bird related game around. Take flight with this non-stop action adventure today.

Sushi Star Makes Building Food Fun

Sushi Star is a food building game, but not like Cooking Mama. It is in a category all its own. The graphics are cute, the sound track is fitting and game’s replay vslue is through the roof.

How Long Can You Survive Unicorns And Rainbows In Techno Kitten Adventure

Techno Kitten Adventure will complete your life! You will not stop laughing from beginning to … well, it doesn’t ever really end.

Quick Advice: Pig Pop

There's a barnyard overflow and your job is to clear the way. Pop the floating animal heads in sequential order for hours of mindless fun.