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Update Dad's iPad With These Apps This Father's Day

Being a dad is hard work, but an iPad can help. With the right apps, an iPad can help dads with their jobs, having fun, and everything in between.

Need A Father's Day Gift For Dad? Try These Apps For Dad's iPad

Check out these apps that Dad will love to have on his iPad.

Updated AppList: Apps For Dads With iPads

We know not all dads have the same needs or interests, so we’ve tried to collect a sampling of apps that many dads would like. The list can also be used as a gift guide for dads with new iPads— after all, dads are not always known for spending tons of money on themselves.

AppList Updated: Apps For Father's Day

Father's Day is just around the corner. Don't get him another tie, or a package of dress socks! How about sneaking off with his iPhone or iPad and downloading some Dad pleasing Apps? With a readers suggestion, we have now added Fishing Calendar to this AppList for Dads who love to fish almost as much as being a father.