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You Can Still Get Unlimited Data With Verizon Using This Clever Trick

Though Verizon Wireless has ditched its unlimited data plans, a recently discovered trick can hook customers up to these golden, unlimited plans even if they purchased an iPhone after the plans were axed.

Verizon's Unlimited Data Plan is "Not a Long-Term Solution"

AT&T stopped offering unlimited iPhone data plans in June, and now offers two plans: $15 for 200MB and $25 for 2GB. Verizon is looking to make a similar move “in the mid-summer time frame.”

Verizon iPhone Unlimited Data Plan Will Never Be A Possibility

If you were hoping AT&T would lose exclusivity on the iPhone just so you could grab a handset with Verizon on an unlimited data plan, then be sure to read on, and find out why this will never be a possibility.

Apple and AT&T Hit With Lawsuit Over Disappearance of iPad Unlimited Data Option

Apple and AT&T have been hit with a class-action lawsuit over the removal of the iPad 3G unlimited data plan, which has been abolished and replaced with a capped plan. Read on to find out more!

Is Your iPhone Partying All Night Without You?

Like many iPhone users, NY Times Columnist David Pogue has been taking a look at his data usage to see what data plan works best for him. What David Pogue found was some odd usage in the middle of the night, and he had to investigate.

Impending Verizon iPhone Hinted At Through Droid 2-For-1 Sale?

Verizon's 2-for-1 offer on Droid handsets has got one site thinking that the Verizon iPhone is more than just a dream. With Apple's WWDC Keynote kicking off tomorrow, anything could happen.

Verizon: No Plans For iPhone "In Immediate Future"

Verizon have now announced that they have no plans to carry the iPhone in the "immediate future".

Verizon Wireless Testing Apple iPads?

A recent report has stated that Verizon Wireless are currently testing Apple iPads.

New iPhone And iPad Data Plans Come June 7: Tethering Option Included

AT&T have announced that their current iPhone unlimited data plan is to be abolished on June 7th, to be replaced with two cheaper, limited plans. Similar changes are to take place with the iPad's data plans also.