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data plans

The Un-carrier, T-Mobile, revives its '10GB Four All' plan

The Un-carrier is aiming to bring more families under its wings.

AT&T CEO Calls Data-Only Smartphone Plans 'Inevitable'

It looks like, for once, providers and subscribers are on the same page regarding the future of wireless.

New Customers Not To Blame For AT&T's Increased Data Loads

AT&T smartphone users are finally figuring out how to manage all that expensive data.

How-To: Transferring Your iPad’s Data Plan To iPad 2 Online

Many original iPad 3G owners are probably anticipating transferring their current data plans to their new iPad 2. While we previously confirmed this could easily be accomplished by calling AT&T, there is now a quicker solution.

How-To: Transferring Your iPad's Data Plan To iPad 2

Many iPad 3G owners may want to transfer their current data plan to the new iPad 2. You could simply wait until the end of the month to cancel your current plan (unless you want to keep your unlimited data plan). Or, you could get everything transferred over on day one. AT&T provided us with a step by step guide on how to do this ...

AT&T Quietly Allowing Some Customers To Return To The Coveted Unlimited Data Plan

In an effort to combat Verizon's $30 unlimited data plan for iPhone 4, AT&T maybe allowing previous unlimited data plan customers the chance to return to unlimited.

Myth Plausible: Could Adam Savage Have Avoided Getting Busted by AT&T?

Could Adam Savage getting "busted" by AT&T?