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Data usage

Today’s Apps Gone Free: Flewn, DayGram, Sky Live and More

Today’s AGF list includes a storybook, a journal, and a reference app.

What Do You Really Know About Your Favorite App?

The new Know My App tool shows what effect an app or game has on data usage, battery life, and network speed.

Snag A Free Copy Of Dataman Pro For iPad And Never Worry About Data Overages Again

The latest version of DataMan Pro for iPad is out. Here's how you can win a free copy.

If You Don't Care About Data Throttling Then You Better Watch This Video

Are you being throttled? Find out just how bad AT&T throttling can be, and how it may be affecting you, on today's special AppAdvice Daily.

iWake With AppAdvice For Thursday Now Available

Good morning! Learn where you can have Walter Isaacson sign your book today on iWake ...

Google Survey's In The Toilet

Google's smartphone usage survey is entertaining but probably inaccurate.

DataMan Will Monitor & Geotag Your Data Usage

Looking for a very comprehensive app to track your 3G and Wi-Fi usage? DataMan is here to do just that.

How To Check Your AT&T Data Usage

Prepare for AT&T's big data plan change by finding out how much you have used in the past using the simple methods documented after the jump.