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Apps For Starting A Small Business

Let your iOS device help you get your business started! Starting a small business has never been easier with all of these wonderful tools.

QuickAdvice: Create Custom Databases With Tap Forms HD - Plus, Win A Promo Code!

Tap Forms HD lets you create a customized database for just about anything with photos, text, access to your address book, web addresses that display the page right in Tap Forms, and more. You can share the data in a variety of ways, and even email data as a CSV file.

Review: Evernote - Never Forget

What is green and has an elephant all over it? The answer to this riddle is no mystery if you're fortunate enough to have discovered Evernote, the ‘remember everything’ app whose icon, a green colored elephant in side-profile, can be installed on both your desktop computer and iOS device. Once there, just like an elephant, Evernote never forgets.

FileMaker Go Updated - PDF Creation And Photo Import Added

The popular database app for iPhone and iPad, FileMaker Go, has recently received a great new update. Users can now add photos to their database, and create PDFs in-app. Read on to find out more about the latest versions of both apps!

Review: FileMaker Go for iPhone/iPod Touch & iPad

Although hundreds of new iOS apps appear every day, apps capable of transforming our handheld devices into nearly indispensable, mobile business tools come along far less frequently. FileMaker Go, recently released by Apple's subsidiary, FileMaker, Inc., is just such a game-changer, providing professionals and small business users a way to access and edit data while on the go.

One Of The Most Popular Mac Apps Makes It To The iPhone And iPad

Business people everywhere can now run a company from the palm of their hand. FileMaker Pro, the database software popular with Mac users, has finally brought its amazing functionality and design to the iDevice market with FileMaker Go.

Review: Bento for iPad

In our crazy, hectic world, it seems that everyone is looking for that all in one application that can help them manage their day to day lives.  A simple search in iTunes will turn up dozens of such offerings from Calendars to Contacts to applications to create To Do Lists or manage Projects and Events.  Many titles claim to be that do it all Swiss pocket knife application in an ever growing field of choices.  Bento for iPad is one of those taking a shot of actually delivering.

Homeopathy And Alternative Medicines Come To iPhone

If you are interested in alternative medicines to treat illnesses and diseases? There's an app for that. Homeopathy: An alternative medicine by Feather & Moor is a one stop shop for all your homeopathy needs.

Bento For iPad: Project Management Never Looked So Good

An enhanced version of Bento, specifically redesigned for iPad will be available on launch day. Read on to find out more and check out the screenshots.

How To: Using Bento App And Syncing With Bento For Mac

If you want find a simple solution on how to organize your life or small business, Bento will help you find the answer. Bento started out as a simple desktop program for the mac by the creators of FileMaker Pro., but now has an iPhone app that works and syncs beautifully with the desktop companion. Here are a few tips to get you synced with Bento for mac and to get started with the powerful app.

Review: Diet Tracker

Diet Tracker gives a better way for you to record all your dietary consumptions! Now you can keep track of your meals and compile precise nutritional information without the bulk and embarrassment of scribbling in a notebook!

Organize Your Life, Bento For iPhone Available

New app allows you to create and manage a database on your iPhone that you can sync to the desktop version of Bento.