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Show Off Your New iPad With These Apps

Whether you just bought your first iPad or your fifth, chances are you'll want to show it off to friends and family.

Tapbots New Listbot App Spied

Tapbots, the makers of successful apps such as Calcbot, Pastebot, Convertbot and Weightbot is apparently hard at work on a new bot app to help us manage our lives.

White iPhone 4 Makes Mystery Appearance In Canada

It is hard to say whether this is a true white iPhone 4, or a great knockoff, but either way one Apple fan has what many of us crave.

New AppList: iPad Apps for Showing Off

As an early iPad adapter comes the privilege of being asked to show off this brand new device to those that have never seen an iPad. We've gone through and discovered those apps that demonstrate why the iPad is not a giant iPod touch.