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department of justice

A federal judge slams the FBI over demands to unlock the iPhone

A New York federal judge has dealt a powerful blow to the thought that the All Writs Act can be used to compel Apple to make a back door for the iPhone.

The Justice Department files a motion compelling Apple to unlock terrorist's iPhone

The FBI is asking Apple to unlock an iPhone of a terrorist behind the San Bernadino, California attacks in late 2015.

Apple Spokesperson Rebuts E-Books Price-Fixing Allegations

A couple of days ago, the U.S. Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Apple, and a number of other publishers, regarding alleged e-books price-fixing. Now, Apple has commented on the matter, rebutting charges and firing back at both the Department of Justice, and Amazon.

AppAdvice Daily: AT&T Gets Blocked On Their T-Mobile Deal, Garmin Hits With A Low Cost Navigation App, And More!

AT&T gets roadblocked on their T-Mobile acquisition. Garmin hits the road with a new app and new price point. Plus it's story time with one viewer created app.