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Indie Dev Spotlight: Effects Studio's Claude Bezeaud

Kicking off a new column, we're talking to independent developer Claude Bezeaud.

Apple warns developers about iCloud Drive maintenance, regular backups are advised

Cupertino has sent an email out to developers warning them of the potential instability of iCloud Drive.

Apple Releases A Bunch Of Betas: OS X 10.9.4, OS X Server 3.2, Safari 6.1.5

Apple has released three new pieces of beta software for registered developers to test.

Swift, Apple's New Coding Language, Is 4 Years In The Making

Information on Swift, Apple's new programming language, has recently surfaced online.

Apple Publishes iOS Human Interface Guidelines For iOS Developers On The iBookstore

Apple has launched an iBook version of its iOS Human Interface Guidelines document for iOS developers.

Apple Adds New Content Descriptions And More To iTunes Connect

Apple has made a handful of minor changes to iTunes Connect.

Apple's Website Is Now Advising Developers On How To Design For iOS 7

Apple's updated Developer website aims to help developers create the best iOS app experience possible.

Apple Launches OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 For Registered Developers

Apple has made OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 available for registered developers to download and install.

Developers Can Now Access Apple's Enhanced Bug Reporting Tool

Apple has made an enhanced bug reporting tool available to iOS and Mac developers once again.

Don't Panic: Apple's Developer Services To Briefly Go Offline Today

Apple is planning on performing maintenance to its Apple Developer services later today.

All Of Apple's Developer Services Are Back Online: Free Extension Offered

It's been three weeks, but all of Apple's Developer services are now back online.

Apple Comments On Developer Portal Outage, Promises To Be Back Soon

Apple has promised users that its Apple Developer website will soon be back online.

Sony Lifts Its Development License Fee In Bid To Boost PS Mobile Store

Sony has removed its $99 development license charge, but would Apple ever do the same?

Apple Releases Updated iCloud Build To Developers As Expected Launch Nears

Yesterday, Apple released new developer seeds of OS X Lion, iCloud and iPhoto. According to the release notes, no major changes have been made in the latest versions of the software, and no new beta version of iOS 5 has been released.

Apple's New, iCloud-Powered Find My iPhone Service Goes Live

At the beginning of the week, Apple launched its iCloud Web interface for developers (which can be accessed at Now, the company has launched its new, iCloud-powered Find My iPhone and Find My Mac services, which can also be accessed by developers from iCloud's Web interface.

WWDC Session Videos Now Available Online For Developers

Apple has made over 100 WWDC session videos available to view online at its developer website, for registered developers who were unable to attend the conference earlier this month.

AppTalk: Interview With Erik Loyer - The Developer of Strange Rain

Today we have an interview with Erik Loyer who developed Strange Rain. We give a little bit more of the story behind an app that is definitely unique.

App Store Name Squatters Get The Boot

If you've got a great idea for an iDevice app, but can't get your desired name in iTunes Connect because it's already taken by an app which doesn't appear in the App Store, worry not. Another revision to Apple's terms of service involves the abolishment of name squatters from the App Store. This is great news for legitimate developers hoping to secure the name they want through iTunes Connect. Read on to find out more...

Maker Of CDMA Chips Looking For iPhone Developer

Qualcomm, a leading manufacturer of CDMA radio chips like those used in Verizon's Android offerings, is now looking for an iPhone developer.

From the Diary of an App Developer: Photoshop to the SDK

Your designer should now have a completed set of screenshots created in Photoshop, and your programmer should be filled with crazy skills that they are just dying to unleash. Well, good news - it is now time to let these skills loose by converting all of those pretty static images into a working application! Let's get started.

Data Caps May Change Developer Thinking

Ever since launch, U.S. iPhones have always been on unlimited cellular data plans. With AT&T discontinuing these however, app developers may have to start adjusting their thinking.

Angry Birds' Publisher Refusing Offers From Microsoft, Google

When the story came out saying that Microsoft may be offering cash to tempt popular iPhone app developers to develop for their platform, it left us wondering who would take the offer. Thanks to the developer of Angry Birds, we finally have some insight into how they will respond.

iOS 4 Gold Master Edition Now Available

Only a few hours after the WWDC 2010 Keynote, Apple releases the Gold Master Edition of iOS 4 just as promised! Any developer can now download it straight from Apple's dev center.

From the Diary of an App Developer: Let's Start Programming!

Even though the design phase of your application is going well, it probably feels like it's missing something. That "something" would be the programming--the aspect of development that turns design into functionality. This week, we'll start our programming training with some very simple SDK tutorials.