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Apple Watch is more popular with developers than first iPhone

Apple Watch development is more popular than any of the previous first generation devices.

Apple cuts ties with developers in Russia-annexed Crimea following US and EU sanctions

Apple has terminated its agreement with developers in the region, which was annexed by Russia in March last year.

Apple highlights common reasons for app rejections in new developer webpage

Apple has published a new webpage highlighting some of the most common issues that lead to rejections of apps.

Apple warns developers about iCloud Drive maintenance, regular backups are advised

Cupertino has sent an email out to developers warning them of the potential instability of iCloud Drive.

Apple Publishes iOS Human Interface Guidelines For iOS Developers On The iBookstore

Apple has launched an iBook version of its iOS Human Interface Guidelines document for iOS developers.

Apple Adds New Content Descriptions And More To iTunes Connect

Apple has made a handful of minor changes to iTunes Connect.

Apple Launches OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 For Registered Developers

Apple has made OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 available for registered developers to download and install.

Developers Can Now Access Apple's Enhanced Bug Reporting Tool

Apple has made an enhanced bug reporting tool available to iOS and Mac developers once again.

Apple Plans On Restoring All Remaining Developer Site Tools This Week

Apple plans to bring more developer tools online soon following last month's site shutdown.

Updated: Apple's Developer Center Is Finally Back Online

Apple has just restarted its developer center after an eight day shutdown.

Apple Releases A Status Update Regarding The Weeklong Developer Site Shutdown

The Apple Developer site remains down, but there is some hope that it will be up again soon.

Updated: Apple Security Breach Could Delay Launch Of iOS 7 Beta 4

The next beta version of iOS 7 may be delayed.

Security Researcher May Be The 'Intruder' Behind Apple's Developer Center Shutdown

A security researcher has come out with compelling proof that he may have actually brought about the shutdown of Apple's Developer Center.

Apple Comments On Developer Portal Outage, Promises To Be Back Soon

Apple has promised users that its Apple Developer website will soon be back online.

AppsGoneFree 2.0 With AppBump Is Now Live: Let The App Revolution Begin

AppsGoneFree 2.0 is now live: Start bumping those apps!

The App Discovery Revolution Begins: Meet AppsGoneFree 2.0, With AppBump

AppsGoneFree 2.0 is almost here, and we want to introduce you to the best new feature: AppBump.

The App Star Awards Are Back

Attention developers: This is your big chance at ultimate app stardom!

Don't Let WWDC Sell Out Before You Get Your Tickets This Year

Last year, the Apple WWDC sold out almost instantly. If you want to make sure to get your tickets, you'll want to sign up for this alert service.

Apple's New, iCloud-Powered Find My iPhone Service Goes Live

At the beginning of the week, Apple launched its iCloud Web interface for developers (which can be accessed at Now, the company has launched its new, iCloud-powered Find My iPhone and Find My Mac services, which can also be accessed by developers from iCloud's Web interface.

Does Gameloft Have Something In Common With Team Bondi?

A former head programmer claims he had to work over 100 hours some weeks making games for Gameloft. The iDevice gaming giant is accused of treating its employees poorly.

AppAdvice Will Be At WWDC And E3 2011 - Come And Meet The Team

Apple sure made things complicated for us this year by scheduling WWDC the same week as E3 2011, but we think that we finally have all of the kinks worked out, so it's about time we started officially taking appointments for these two huge summer events.

As The App Store Grows Ever Larger, Developers Must Strive To Stay Transparent

For iPhone app makers, customer satisfaction starts and ends with total developer transparency.