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Create Publication Apps Without Coding

A publication tool that eliminates the need for coding knowledge. Simply create pages in Photoshop or InDesign and then upload them to the online portion. Test apps with your iDevice and then publish,

The Big Bang Theory Makes iOS Development Funnier Than Ever

Fans of iOS development, apps and humorous geeky sitcoms, we've got something that will without a doubt make your day. In case you missed it, the nerdy cast of the excellent Big Bang Theory dedicated last night's entire episode to making their own iOS app.

From the Diary of an App Developer: Photoshop to the SDK

Your designer should now have a completed set of screenshots created in Photoshop, and your programmer should be filled with crazy skills that they are just dying to unleash. Well, good news - it is now time to let these skills loose by converting all of those pretty static images into a working application! Let's get started.

From the Diary of an App Developer: Your App Ideas

Now that you have the perfect partner for your journey through app development, it's time to get creative. This short guide will help your development team get focused on developing a workable idea for your very own application by focusing on your favorite categories and by studying existing apps in the App Store. Now let's get developing!

From the Diary of an App Developer: Getting Started

A great iPhone application can come from anywhere, even from you. If you've ever thought for even one second about application development, now's the time to cash in on your passions.