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Future iOS Device Displays Could Be Manufactured By A Foxconn-Sharp Partnership

Could Foxconn and Sharp help Apple move display orders away from Samsung?

Mobile Device Revenues Will Soon Overtake Those For Television Sets

Consumers are buying mobile devices like never before.

Apple Has 163 Reasons To Release Fabled 'iPad mini'

iPad mini? I was a doubter, but now I see the light.

Apple Tackles A Different Set Of Privacy Concerns With Newest Published Patent

According to new documents, Apple is working on user-switchable "privacy screens."

New AppGuide: Wireless Display Apps

Now that you have an iPad or two you may be wondering: how else can I use this wonderful screen? One great way is to actually turn your iPad into a wireless monitor for your Mac or Windows machine. There are only a handful of apps that we could find that allow you to do this. We compare them in this AppGuide.

QuickAdvice: Use Visuals To Display Projects With Timeli

With all the competing task and project management programs out there, Timeli does a great job of bringing something unique and practical to the table.