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Fountain app puts home repair and gardening experts at your fingertips

If you want to improve your DIY skills without muddling through hours of YouTube, Fountain might be for you.

Handmade Highlights: Create Digital Art With This Awesome Do-It-Yourself Stylus

Make your own stylus using tips from this week's Handmade Highlights.

The White iPhone 4, For The First Time In 40 Inch

With the growing amount of people ready to spend money and major time on building human-sized iPhones, it's pretty clear that you can't really call yourself a true iOS fanboy anymore if you don't have one of your own.

DIY: iPhone Plus iPad

If you're like me, you use both your iPhone and iPad throughout the day. Unfortunately, using both at the same time can become cumbersome even for the best of technogeeks. That's where the iPad iPhone Connection Clip comes in handy. Read more...

Capture Great Video With Your Own iPhone 4 Steadicam

Now that your little cell phone doubles as an HD video camera, it's time to find out how to take the best video possible. Now, you can get professional quality shots at amateur prices.

New Applist: Apps to DIY

Do you know how many gallons of paint it will take to paint your 3 rooms? Do you know how to fix that "broken" tv? How about how to cook a perfect pan of lasagna? No matter what it is, this list will help you do it, and do it right.

Inexpensive DIY iPad Trixs Part Two

One of our readers suggested using Legos to make the perfect iPad stand!

Inexpensive DIY iPad Trixs

If the price of commerical accessories for the iPad have gotten you down, consider these cheaper alternatives!

Footage: iPad Controlled Blimp

Breakfastny put together an iPad-controlled blimp to impress their friends. It's sort of awesome, check it out.

QuickAdvice: Dream Home

Dream Home ($0.99) by Apalon is a great new home design app with a built in gallery to allow a chance to view the work of world wide interior designers and get a sneak peek into other peoples homes.