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dock connector

Why You Should Avoid Third-Party Lightning Cable Products

The current crop of third-party Lightning cables and connectors might not work and here is why.

Apple Announces Changes To iPhone Connector

What size dock connector where you expecting?

Apple’s Fall Event: The iPad Mini, New iPods And More

Besides the next iPhone, Apple might also unveil other products this week.

Apple Will Reportedly Be The Only Supplier Of 30-Pin Dock Connector Adapters

One dock connector adapter will cost consumers $10 and a pack of three will be sold for $29. Apple will also be selling USB cables with the new dock connector for $19.

Don’t Look For Third-Party Accessories That Work With The Smaller Dock Connector Anytime Soon

A report says that Apple may have cornered the market for accessories featuring the smaller dock connector for the near future.

Apparent Next-Generation iPhone Charge/Sync Cable Pictured For The First Time

For the first time, an apparent charge/sync cable for the next-generation iPhone has been photographed, complete with the smaller dock connector.

The Last iPhone Rumor, For The Week Anyway

There is more confirmation that one of the most familiar hardware components on iOS and iPod devices is about to be changed.

Apple To Refresh Entire Line Of iDevices Adding Mini-Dock At September Event?

Apple could be planning on refreshing its entire line of iDevices at the company’s fall event, adding new, miniaturized dock connectors.

The New iPhone May Only Have An 8-Pin Dock Connector

The idea of a 19-pin dock connector on Apple's next iPhone may be on the chopping block.

Editorial: 19-Pin Connector Detractors Docked In Fantasy Land

Apple's rumored move to a smaller dock connector is no price-gouging conspiracy.

The Reasons Behind Apple's Move To A New Dock Connector

The reasons Apple will unveil a 19-pin connector aren't entirely based on money, but ...

Engineers Needed To Bring New Dock Technologies To iPod Family

These want ads could mean the familiar 30-pin connector won't be changed just yet.

Original iPad With Dual Dock Connectors Appears On eBay

An eBay listing for an original prototype iPad has surfaced with two dock connectors – in landscape and portrait orientation.

Help Kickstart The CordLite And Never Be Caught In The Dark Again

The patent-pending CordLite makes it easy to dock your iPhone in the dark

Report: Apple Ready To Move To Smaller Dock Connector

In a bid to save space inside devices, Apple is apparently ready to ditch the traditional 30-pin dock connector and transition to a smaller "micro dock," according to iMore.

New AppList: Accessory Enabled iOS Apps

The operating system that empowers your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad can do some pretty cool things. One really great thing is the ability to use Bluetooth, headphone or dock enabled accessories that add even more functionality to your iOS device. This AppList will showcase some of the best ones out there. As always let know if we forgot anything.

PhotoFast: A Device For The iPad That Makes Apple And Microsoft Play Nice

The world's first iPad external webcam is spotted, but maybe not as great as it sounds? Plus, will we see a TV Tuner and more in the future?

Steve Jobs Pulls A Fast One, iPhone 4 To Include Video Out

With all of the iPhone 4 craze, it is hard to keep track of all the little details, but a closer look at the iPhone 4 tech specs reveals quite an interesting secret!