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Doctors In The UK Are Using iPads To Diagnose Dementia

Doctors in the United Kingdom are using iPads equipped with a specially designed app in order to recognize the early signs of dementia.

New AppList: Apps For Doctors With iPads

Doctors are beginning to adopt the iPad into their own workflow at the hospital. There are some apps that can actually enable doctors to be more efficient. This AppList will showcase some of the most useful apps for doctors.

Review: Amateur Surgeon 2 - You're Never Too Old To Be A Doctor

51 years into the future, Alan Probe's skills are needed once again to treat some unique and disturbing accidents. Would you trust your life to the hands of an old rusty surgeon? Click to read more.

Stethoscope App Gains 3 Million Downloads - By Doctors!

If you thought Doctor Who's sonic screwdriver was the coolest device a doctor could possess, then think again.

Who Hearts The iPhone? Your Cardiologist

While BlackBerry continues to be the dominant force in the business smartphone market, physicians are showing a distinct preference for the iPhone.

Can FaceTime Improve Your Health?

While Apple continues to douse us with heartwarming videos of the many uses of FaceTime, two surgeons have found a very important professional use for it. Could Apple's iPhone actually mean better medical care?