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Add color to your life with Pigment, an adult coloring book

Sit back and relax with Pigment, the latest app for the adult coloring book trend.

Create Beautiful Pixel Art On Your iPad Using Pixaki

Creating pixel art on your iPad is easy with the advanced tools that Pixaki provides.

Turn Your Notes Into Works Of Art With Ink

Some thoughts are hard to express with words. Ink lets you take notes by either writing, typing, or drawing them.

Quickly Sketch Out All Of Your Ideas With Drwer

Looking for a fast way to quickly capture rough sketches? Then Drwer may be the app you're looking for.

New Sumo.Fm App Looks To Become Instagram For Drawings

The new drawing app for the iPad looks to help artists create images they are proud to share with the online community.

JotStudio Available Now For Free Download - One Week Only

Adonit, creators of the Jot stylus, have released their first app that doesn't know write from wrong.

A Chance To Win Tracing Paper For iPhone And iPad

Here's your chance to win Tracing Paper ($2.99) for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

New AppList: Apps for the iPhone Artist

There's an artist in all of us. Let that artist out using sophisticated tools given to you by the iPhone.

Expand Your Creativity With: How To Draw Anime & Manga

If drawing and doodling is your thing, let this little app show you a thing or two about anime and manga.

Put Your Drawing Skills To The Test In Scribble Show

It's the debut night of the Scribble Show, and Megan needs your help to draw the patterns on all the scribble cards before they fall to the ground. Can you help make her performance a success?

AppGuide Updated: Animation Apps For The iPad

The animation process has gone thorough several stages in history. It began with simple drawings and then moved over to desktop software. Now animation is in another stage, one that fits on the sleek form factor of the iPad. We have updated this AppGuide to feature Animation Desk, an app with awesome functionality and a beautiful interface as well.

Quickadvice: P5P Sketch Generator Is Part Math Nerd, Part Beauty Queen

Imagine that the Spirograph and the Etch A Sketch had a love child. Meet P5P, a generative sketching app for iPhone and iPad.

AppGuide Updated: Best Vector Drawing Apps For iPad

Vector drawing is a complicated and yet interesting way to draw graphics. The apps listed here show the best, most feature-rich apps that have vector drawing capabilities. Due to a request from one of our readers, we have added an excellent free option called neu.Draw for all of your vector drawing needs.

AppAdvice EXTRA: Entertaining And Educational Kids Apps

Looking for a way to entertain your kids while making them smarter? Today's AppAdvice EXTRA focuses on five apps to help you do just that.

Become An Instant Artist With Draw It Easy

Children and adults will love all the tools this Draw It Easy has to offer. When you finish your first drawing, you will feel very proud of your creation! It is amazing how these lessons actually work!

No Mess Charcoal Drawing With iCharcoal

The iCharcoal app simulates drawing using charcoal sticks on different types of paper. Within minutes, you can create a stunning drawing that will impress you friends and family. The best part … your fingers stay clean.

New AppGuide: Best Vector Drawing Apps For iPad

Vector drawing is a complicated and yet interesting way to draw graphics. The apps listed here show the best, most feature-rich apps that have vector drawing capabilities.

New AppGuide: Drawing With Your iPad

The iPad has become an amazing tool for artists. The iPad has tons of great drawing apps. These include apps that are as simple as finger painting apps and apps that are pretty powerful and complex. This AppGuide will help you pick out the best drawing app for your needs.

Review: Lite-Brite - Glow Your Imagination

Lite-Brite is a legendary childhood drawing game that has been a hit since its release in 1967. Does EA's iPhone version live up to the brand name? Read on to find out more.

Artists Are Using The iPad To Create Their Next Masterpiece

It seems that as well as revolutionising the way we listen to music, browse the web and read books Apple have succeeded in creating a whole new medium to draw and paint with. And I'm not just talking about stick men, doodles and squiggles, I am talking about proffessional artists creating exceptional pieces or real artwork.

Quick Advice: iBrite

The fun, new iBrite app brings back some childhood nostalgia minus all of the worries of losing those Lite Brite pegs.

Review: Line Racer

Zoom down the slopes as quickly as you can in this fast-paced and addictive game. Race on custom made tracks, or randomly created ones, as you climb the online leader boards. The game uses touch-based controls as well as the accelerometer in order to maximize your speed. Find out more here...